Craving a hearty breakfast but in a rush? Look no further than Burger King's breakfast menu! From satisfying sandwiches to delightful breakfast burritos, there's something for everyone. Let's dive into the mouth-watering options and explore the best ways to kick-start your day with Burger King. Trust me, you won't want to miss this!


  • The Burger King breakfast menu offers a variety of items from sandwiches to burritos and platters, with the enticing addition of combination meal bundles.
  • Prices are generally in the $1-$5 range for single items, with combos ranging from $4-$6. Special $5 breakfast bundles are available to Royal Perks members until April 7.
  • Breakfast hours are typically 6 AM to 10:30 AM but may vary depending on location.
  • Nutritional value differs significantly across items. Calorie counts for bundles range from 372 to 883. Consult Burger King's website for specific nutritional information.

Burger King breakfast menu showcasing prices for various morning options.

What does the Burger King breakfast menu include?

The Burger King breakfast menu has your morning covered with a wide array of options from sandwiches to burritos and platters. Not to forget the tantalizing breakfast combos that will make your taste buds tingle!

What are the sandwich options at Burger King for breakfast?

The king of fast food, Burger King, stands out for its variety of breakfast sandwiches. There are biscuit options with calorie counts ranging from 412 to 592. But that's not all! The Morning Grindset and Best of BK Bundles offer different Croissan'wich options with calories between 372 to 883.

Does Burger King offer breakfast burritos?

Spot on! Not just sandwiches, Burger King does offer breakfast burritos as well. The perfect option for those seeking a hearty, wrap-style breakfast treat.

What options are included in the Burger King breakfast platter?

The Burger King breakfast platter is a feast fit for a king, all on one plate! But remember, these are available only during the regular breakfast hours which you need to check at your local restaurant.

What are Burger King breakfast combos?

Burger King breakfast combos are the ultimate food bundles for a satisfying morning meal. The Awesome A.M. Bundle, the Morning Grindset Bundle, and the Best of BK Bundle are the three bundles up for grabs until April 7 for Royal Perks members. Besides the familiar sandwiches and orange juice, they have the uniquely delicious three-piece French toast sticks and hash browns included too!

How are the breakfast options at Burger King priced?

Checking out the Burger King breakfast menu can be a joy. But, you may ask, what about the prices? Well, let's break it down.

What is the price range for Burger King breakfast items?

The Burger King breakfast menu is both tasty and affordable. The prices can vary based on the item and location, but generally, you can expect to pay between $1 to $5 for single items. Their breakfast combos, which come with a main item, side, and drink, typically range from $4 to $6.

However, Burger King also offers tasty breakfast packages for just $5. And these breakfast bundles offer incredible value for every dollar spent!

Are there any special deals for breakfast at Burger King?

Burger King certainly knows how to treat its customers early in the morning. They have recently launched three breakfast bundle options, each priced at $5! This move by Burger King is a response to the rising prices and competition from other fast food chains.

To enjoy these deals, you need to be a member of Burger King's Royal Perks program. As a Royal Perks member, you have the privilege of ordering these bundles during regular breakfast hours until April 7.

What specials are offered for Burger King breakfast items?

There are three different special breakfast bundles to choose from. The Awesome A.M. Bundle includes biscuit options and a bottle of orange juice. The Morning Grindset Bundle offers a selection of Croissan'wich options along with a large hot coffee. The Best of BK Bundle includes choices of Croissan'wich, French toast sticks, and hash browns.

In addition to these, Burger King offers various seasonal and limited time offers throughout the year. For example, they also introduced the Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap and Fiery Nuggets, along with a special ice cream sundae in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures.

In summary, the Burger King breakfast prices offer great value, especially with their new breakfast deals and specials. Keep an eye out for more Burger King breakfast deals and begin your day on a tasty note!

Burger King breakfast menu featuring delicious morning options.

What are the breakfast hours at Burger King?

At first light, the team at Burger King revs up their grills. Breakfast hours at Burger King typically begin from 6 AM. They flip off the breakfast sign at exactly 10:30 AM. However, exact timing may vary a bit depending on the location.

When does Burger King start serving breakfast?

Bright and early at 6 AM, Burger King commences serving their array of delicious morning meals. From enticing egg-normous burritos to the classic sausage, egg & cheese Croissan'wich, it's a feast of choices to kick-start your day.

What are the daily breakfast hours at Burger King?

Burger King, commonly seen as the home of the whopper, offers their breakfast menu from 6 AM to 10:30 AM. An exciting fact to note, on weekends the breakfast hours may extend further, letting you sleep in a bit before you rush in for your beloved french toast sticks.

On a different but incredibly important note, Burger King recently introduced three distinct breakfast bundle options available to Royal Perks members. Each one of these options, available on their app or website, costs $5, a fantastic deal considering these bundles cater to all tastes. For instance, the Awesome A.M. Bundle, not only offers a scrumptious biscuit but it’s served with a refreshing bottle of Simply Orange Juice.

An interesting little tidbit, Burger King's new breakfast bundles are not just a response to customer demand but also to increasing competition from other chains. Even McDonald's is planning to more actively promote its meal bundles with most of its restaurants offering deals under $4.

So the next time your belly rumbles in the morning, remember you can savour the breakfast offerings at Burger King. Make sure to turn up between 6 AM to 10:30 AM and enjoy a taste of the breakfast menu at Burger King, which offers not just variety but also value for your money.

How nutritious are the breakfast items at Burger King?

At Burger King, you can find a range of breakfast items that differ in caloric value and nutrition. The calorie count of Burger King breakfast items here can help you make an informed decision.

What is the calorie count of Burger King breakfast items?

The Awesome A.M. Bundle, for example, offers a choice of biscuits with calorie counts ranging from 412 to 592. Meanwhile, the Morning Grindset Bundle includes two Croissan'wich options presenting calorie counts between 675 to 883.

How healthy are Burger King's breakfast sandwiches?

While Burger King's breakfast sandwiches are indeed enjoyable, their healthiness varies based on the item. The calorie content of the Croissan'wich options falls in the range of 372 to 552 in the Best of BK Bundle. It's clear that these breakfast items have varying nutritional values.

What is the nutritional value of breakfast wraps at Burger King?

Breakfast wraps are also featured on the Burger King breakfast menu. Given the various options available, their nutritional value differs significantly. Some wraps, like the Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap, may have higher calorie counts due to ingredients like chicken and buffalo sauce, while others, like the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Wrap, might be lower in calories. Exact nutritional details can be found on Burger King's website.

In summary, while Burger King provides a variety of delectable breakfast options, the nutritional value and calorie count can vary significantly between them. Be sure to check the nutritional information on their website before ordering to align your order with your dietary objectives.

We've delved into the Burger King breakfast menu, exploring its range from sandwiches to burritos, platters, and combos. We've also looked at their pricing, including deals and specials. We've clarified their breakfast hours and evaluated the nutrition of their breakfast items. So, whether you're craving a breakfast burrito or a nutritious wrap, Burger King has you covered. Make informed choices and enjoy a tasty start to your day!