Craving a breakfast feast from Carl's Jr but unsure of their operating hours? This guide will satisfy your hunger for knowledge (and maybe for a breakfast burger too). We've got all the details on Carl's Jr breakfast hours, menu highlights, and even some nutritional insights. So, why wait? Dive in and let's get your breakfast game plan sorted!


  • Carl's Jr offers breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., with some locations starting at 6:00 a.m.
  • Select breakfast items, such as the Breakfast Burger, are served all day at certain locations.
  • Menu items include the Breakfast Burger, unique options like French Toast Dips, and daily specials.
  • Nutritional information and low-calorie options are available on the Carl's Jr menu for health-conscious patrons.
  • Delivery or pick-up orders can be placed online or through the Carl's Jr mobile app.
  • Lunch hours begin at 10:30 a.m., with some locations offering all-day lunch items.
  • Location services on the Carl's Jr website can help find the closest outlet that serves breakfast.
  • The company frequently updates social media with new offers and menu items.

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What are the Opening Hours for Carl's Jr Breakfast?

Step into a Carl's Jr for breakfast, and your day starts on a high note. But when? The typical Carl's Jr breakfast hours start around 6:30 a.m. Some spots even open their doors as early as 6:00 a.m. Now, you don't have to rush. The breakfast hours stretch till 10:30 a.m., giving plenty of time for late risers to grab their morning meal. Make sure to peek into menus and hours of your nearest Carl's Jr for updates.

When Does Breakfast Start at Carl's Jr?

Early birds, rejoice! You can soak in the sunshine with Carl's Jr hearty breakfast from 6:30 a.m. When in California, it's an even sweeter deal. Many Carl's Jr breakfast hours in California kick-off even earlier at 6:00 a.m. You can refer to this breakfast hours guide for a complete rundown.

What Time Does Breakfast End at Carl's Jr?

What's the rush? You're good till 10:30 a.m. to get your breakfast fix at most Carl's Jr outlets. Last orders? They're taken till around 10:15 a.m. Because it's never too late for a good breakfast.

Are the Breakfast Hours Different on Weekends?

Not much changes over the weekend for Carl's Jr breakfast fans. With the usual breakfast hours at Carl's Jr remaining largely unchanged, your weekend brunch plans are sorted. A few select places extend their hours a bit later, so weekend lie-ins don't mean missing out on your favorite breakfast. But remember, timings may vary with location, so it's a good practice to check local outlet information.

Are There All-Day Breakfast Options at Carl's Jr?

Yes, some Carl's Jr locations do offer select breakfast items all day. These items vary by location, giving you the freedom to savor their tasty breakfast well beyond the traditional breakfast hours.

Which breakfast items are served all day?

The choice of all-day breakfast items depends on the specific Carl's Jr location. However, a standout contender that's commonly available is the Breakfast Burger, a mouth-watering blend of a charbroiled all-beef patty, crispy bacon, a freshly cracked egg, American cheese, and topped with a dollop of ketchup and a layer of mayonnaise on a seeded bun. Some locations also serve hash rounds and biscuits all day, serving as a great side to go with your meal or a quick, satisfying bite on their own.

Can I order breakfast after 11 am?

Definitely! Certain Carl's Jr stores serve select breakfast items, like the Breakfast Burger, even after 11 am, striking a chord with all-day breakfast lovers. However, the exact offerings, as well as the start and end times for serving breakfast, can vary across different locations. Hence, it's a good idea to confirm with your local Carl's Jr or check their website to get the most accurate information on their breakfast hours and menu. So, whether you wake up late, work an unconventional schedule, or just crave a breakfast meal in the afternoon or evening, Carl's Jr has got you covered. After all, it's never too late for a delicious breakfast!

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What Are the Highlights of Carl's Jr Breakfast Menu?

The Carl's Jr breakfast menu comes with a lot to offer. So, what are the menu highlights?

What Does the Breakfast Burger Include?

From 6:30 a.m., you can get a taste of the classic Breakfast Burger. You'll bite into a well-crafted hoagie bun housing a juicy charbroiled all-beef patty. It's topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, delicious melted cheese, and crispy bacon. The added ketchup ensures a tangy flavor.

What Are Some Unique Breakfast Items at Carl's Jr?

Several unique sweet and savory foods nestle among the many breakfast offerings. The French Toast Dips, a delicious twist on the classic breakfast, are sure to curb your sweet tooth. For those who wish to buck the traditional, burritos filled with eggs, cheese, and your choice of meat radiate a bold Mexican flavor.

A special mention goes to the Monster Biscuit and the Loaded Breakfast Burrito for those with a hearty appetite. Each of these hefty breakfast items comes packed with eggs, ham, bacon, and cheese to get your day off to an energetic start.

What Are the Daily Breakfast Specials at Carl's Jr?

Carl's Jr always has something exciting up its sleeve. Daily breakfast specials crop up regularly to pique customer interest. Much to the excitement of regulars, you can catch some of these specials throughout the week. Besides, the healthier options like the Low Carb Breakfast Bowl keep diet-conscious patrons thrilled.

Usually, Carl's Jr breakfast menu prices align with the level of the dawn meal decadence. From the review, it's clear that breakfasts here cater to an array of tastes and dietary needs. Hence, firming up the many reasons why Carl's Jr remains a firm favorite for the first meal of the day.

Check out your local Carl's Jr breakfast hours today, and join the ranks of loyal customers who swear by its breakfast meals.

How Do Calories and Nutrition Matter at Carl's Jr breakfast menu?

You might wonder, "How many calories are there in the Breakfast Burger?" Well, it holds a whopping 830 calories! Now, if you're looking for lighter fare, the Carl's Jr menu nutrition guide helps out.

How many calories are there in the Breakfast Burger?

The popular Breakfast Burger clocks in at 830 calories. But, don't worry! It's packed with hefty, tasty layers. There's a charbroiled all-beef patty, crispy bacon, egg, American cheese, and even hash browns on a seeded bun. With every bite, you're met with a flavorful burst. It's definitely for those with a hearty breakfast appetite.

What are some low-calorie breakfast options at Carl's Jr?

If you're more calorie-conscious, Carl's Jr offers alternatives. One of these is the Low Carb Breakfast Bowl. With only 660 calories, it's your perfect match. It has scrambled eggs, two types of cheeses, and a choice of Sausage, Bacon, or Ham. It comes without a biscuit or tortilla, slashing those extra carbs!

How healthy is Carl's Jr Breakfast Burrito?

A sizeable breakfast option is the Carl's Jr Breakfast Burrito. But ''How many calories in Carl's Jr breakfast burrito?'' you might ask. Holding 660 to 740 calories, it depends on your protein choice. Meat options include Sausage or Bacon. Despite higher calories, it's a burst of protein that keeps you energized. If you're set for a busy day, it's a go-to option.

So, you see, nutrition at Carl's Jr's breakfast isn't solely about indulgence. They keep variety in mind. Whether you're plumping for a hearty option or something lighter, there's something for you. Dig into the delights, managing the calories and nutrition as per your lifestyle needs.

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How Does Carl's Jr Compare to Hardee's?

Ah, the age-old fast-food debate. If you've ever wondered about the differences between Carl's Jr and Hardee's, you're not alone. I promise, it's not a trick question! Both names belong to the same company, but there are some key differences between them.

What are the major differences in their breakfast menus?

While you can count on finding great breakfast staples at both Carl's Jr and Hardee's, their menus are not mirror images. Carl's Jr is known for its loaded breakfast burritos and crave-worthy French Toast Dips. On the other hand, Hardee's pulls customers in with its thick, fluffy made-from-scratch biscuits, smothered in creamy sausage gravy. Can you imagine that mouth-watering sight first thing in the morning?

How is the breakfast timing different at Hardee's?

There's a slight difference in breakfast timings too. Carl’s Jr typically kicks off breakfast as early as 6:00 a.m and wraps up by 10:30 a.m. Hardee's, on the other hand, usually starts a bit later at around 6:30 a.m. This subtle difference could be crucial for early risers who want to grab the most important meal of the day.

Are there any signature dishes at Carl’s Jr and Hardee's?

Oh, yes! Carl's Jr's highly praised Breakfast Burger has a special place on the menu and in customers' hearts. It's one-of-a-kind and available all day. Meanwhile, Hardee's has multiple feather in its cap too. Its Sausage and Egg Biscuit and Chicken Biscuit are beloved breakfast favorites, known to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. Now, aren’t we all spoilt for choice?

So, there you have it. Whether you're a fan of Carl’s Jr or Hardee's, both promise a delicious start to your day. Bon appétit! For more details about Carl's Jr, don't hesitate to visit their website.

How Can I Order Breakfast Online at Carl's Jr?

Let's be honest: we could all use a little more convenience in our lives, right? Ordering food online has become a buzzword as it offered patrons a fast and easily accessible way to enjoy their favorite meals. But, hey, can you order breakfast online at Carl's Jr? Oh yes, you can!

How does the online ordering work at Carl's Jr for breakfast?

Making an online order at Carl's Jr for your breakfast is a cinch! The process is user-friendly and swift.

Step 1: Visit the official Carl's Jr website or install the mobile app.

Step 2: Choose the order type – either pick-up or delivery.

Step 3: Browse through the breakfast section and select your desired items.

Step 4: Check out, pay and voila! Your breakfast is on the way!

So no more fussing about in the kitchen or waiting in long queues. Your tasty breakfast is just a click away!

What are the benefits of using the Carl's Jr mobile app?

According to your neighborhood coffee-table discussions, you might have heard about the nifty Carl's Jr mobile app features. It's not just about convenience; there's a whole lot more it offers!

The mobile app allows you to explore Carl's Jr's wide array of breakfast delights. Not just that; it helps you stay updated on the latest deals, weekly specials, and limited-time offers!

What's more, you can customize your orders to suit your taste. If you are allergic to any food or want to cut down on calories, simple modifications to your order can be made.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Carl's Jr app is the rewards program. Each tasty bite moves you a step closer to delicious rewards!

To sum up, the Carl's Jr mobile app brings customization, convenience, and rewards right at your fingertips. So, why not order your next breakfast from Carl's Jr? Let's make those morning hours tasty and hassle-free!

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What are the Lunch Hours at Carl's Jr?

The midday shift at Carl's Jr starts from 10:30 a.m., serving lip-smacking burgers and combo meals. So, if you're looking for a juicy charbroiled burger, or the Chicken Tenders, or maybe some Beef Tacos, Carl's Jr has got you covered. Your lunchtime cravings are sorted with Carl's Jr's lunch menu, or you can opt for the 'lunch all day' option at some locations.

When does Carl's Jr start serving lunch?

Carl's Jr typically starts serving its lunch menu from 10:30 a.m. So if anyone missed their breakfast or prefers a heavier meal in the late morning, Carl's Jr's lunch options can be tempting. But bear in mind, the start of lunch hours can vary slightly depending on the location, so it's always wise to check the 'Carl's Jr lunch hours near me' before heading out.

Can I order lunch items during breakfast hours?

At some branches of Carl's Jr, you can order select lunch items during breakfast hours, thanks to the 'Carl's Jr lunch all day' option. However, this can vary by location, so it's best to check in advance. Want to grab an early Chicken Club Sandwich or an Original Thickburger? Carl's Jr might just let you do that.

Meal timings can be flexible and you can enjoy your farm-fresh eggs for breakfast or a cheeseburger for lunch, any time of the day with Carl's Jr. Whether you're an early riser looking forward to a loaded breakfast burrito, or a night owl with cravings for a juicy charbroiled burger, Carl's Jr has something for everyone, any time. Remember, having delicious food at your own pace and time is at the heart of Carl's Jr's mantra. So next time you're around, don't miss trying their 'lunch all day' option. Your palate will thank you for it!

How Can I Find a Carl's Jr near me?

Seeking out a Carl's Jr for a breakfast indulgence? Locating one near you can be as simple as pie! You can utilize Carl's Jr's online locator at Carl's Jr Locations. Here, the map reveals all the Carl's Jr outlets in your vicinity.

What are the best ways to find a Carl's Jr location?

To find a Carl's Jr near you, type your city, state, or zip code in the search box. The nearest Carl's Jr locations get displayed in a dropdown, from which you can pick. Remember, though – Carl's Jr's breakfast hours may differ, so it's wise to check the local store hours.

Are there location-specific menu variations at Carl's Jr?

Yes, indeed! While Carl's Jr maintains consistency across most locations, there might be slight menu variations based on regional preferences. To check on that, visit the Carl's Jr website or call your local outlet.

How to find the closest Carl's Jr with breakfast service?

One simple way is through the locator! Keep an eye out for the "Breakfast" under "Hours" for each location. If uncertain, give your closest Carl's Jr a ring. The friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Remember, the breakfast hours typically start from 6:30 a.m., last orders for breakfast are around 10:15 a.m, and lunch begins at 10:30 a.m. Some locations even serve breakfast all day! So, get ready to savor those tasty Breakfast Burgers and Loaded Breakfast Burritos – right in your local neighborhood.

How Do Social Media Updates from Carl's Jr Benefit Me?

Social media is a must for fast-food giants like Carl's Jr. It keeps you in the loop of tasty deals. Follow their posts and never miss a juicy bite.

What Deals or Specials are Currently Available at Carl's Jr?

If you're craving Carl's Jr, keep your eyes on their "Special Offers" page, updated regularly. Here, you'll find tempting offers like 2 for $5 deals or even single-item specials. With a little luck, your favorite breakfast bite might be on sale!

How Does Carl's Jr Solicit Feedback from Customers?

Carl's Jr is big on customer feedback. On the website, you can find a "Contact Us" section. Here, you can share your thoughts on your latest visit. Your views may shape future specials or new items on the menu.

How to Stay Updated on New Items or Changes in the Breakfast Menu?

Keeping track of changes to the menu is simple. Follow Carl's Jr's official social media accounts. Here, you'll be first to know of any tasty additions or changes to your beloved breakfast menu. You may even find limited-time offers that'll make your morning!

What Are Some Commonly Asked Questions about Carl's Jr Breakfast Hours and Menu?

You might be asking, "Is the breakfast menu the same across all Carl's Jr locations?" If so, you're not alone! While the core items on 🍔 Carl's Jr's breakfast menu are consistent, some regional variances can occur. For instance, the famous Breakfast Burger and the Loaded Breakfast Burrito might be available at select locations all day. It's always a good idea to check with your local Carl's Jr for the most accurate and up-to-date menu.

Next, you might wonder, "Are there vegetarian or vegan options in the breakfast menu at Carl's Jr?" Yes, they offer a range of options to cater to various dietary needs. For our vegan pals, unfortunately, options are slim due to the eggs and dairy used in the breakfast menu. However, some items, like the hash rounds or the side of salsa can be part of a vegan breakfast. Fontana to vegetarians, you've got more choices! You can enjoy an egg and cheese biscuit or burrito, sans meat, or opt for a Low Carb Breakfast Bowl without meat.

Finally, "Can I customize my order at Carl's Jr?" Certainly, you can! Carl's Jr provides plenty of customization options, allowing you to build your perfect breakfast. Feel like swapping bacon for sausage on your biscuit sandwich? No problem! Want to add an extra slice of cheese to your Breakfast Burger? They've got you covered! Remember, though, that customization might result in extra charges. So, enjoy structuring your perfect breakfast meal next time you visit a Carl's Jr near you. Now you're ready to navigate Carl's Jr breakfast hours and menu like a pro! Happy eating!

This guide has walked you through the ins and outs of Carl's Jr breakfast hours and menu. From the timing of breakfast to all-day options, the highlights of their menu, and the nutritional content, you now have a clearer understanding of what to expect. You've also gained insights into how Carl's Jr compares to Hardee's, how to order online, and how to stay updated on their latest deals. Remember, every meal at Carl's Jr is an opportunity to savor deliciousness while staying informed and making healthier choices. Enjoy your breakfast!