Wake up, Morning Mavericks! Craving a quick, tasty start? Dive into our guide on Dairy Queen's breakfast menu with prices. We explore what time you can grab your morning fix, from savory sandwiches to hearty platters. Plus, we dish on nutrition facts to keep your breakfast both delicious and mindful. Hungry for more? Let's find your next breakfast adventure without breaking the bank or the clock.


  • Dairy Queen serves breakfast from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays, extending to 11:00 AM on weekends.
  • The breakfast menu includes a variety of sandwiches, platters, combos, and sides catering to different tastes and dietary needs, with items ranging from 250 to 900 calories.
  • Special meal deals are offered for $7, including the "3-piece chicken strips" deal and the cheeseburger meal deal, each with fries and a drink.
  • Breakfast can be customized for allergies or health preferences, with online nutrition and allergen information available for safer meal choices.
  • Breakfast availability and ordering options vary by location, with online and app orders possible where available.
  • Social media and the Dairy Queen app offer the latest deals and items on the breakfast menu.

Delicious variety of breakfast items on Dairy Queen menu with prices.

What Time Does Dairy Queen Start Serving Breakfast?

Weekday Breakfast Hours

Dairy Queen serves breakfast from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays. These hours are perfect for early risers looking for a quick and tasty start to their day. Whether it's heading to work or starting the day with a good meal, you can count on Dairy Queen to have your breakfast ready.

Weekend Breakfast Hours

On weekends, breakfast time extends. It runs from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. This gives you a bit more time to enjoy a lazy morning before diving into a yummy breakfast treat. It's great for those days when you want to sleep in but still crave that delicious Dairy Queen start to your day.

Dairy Queen, mostly known for its iconic soft-serve ice cream, offers a breakfast menu that keeps patrons coming back for more. Aside from their ice cream, their breakfast menu is a hidden gem, packed with a variety of sandwiches, platters, combos, and sides to choose from. Each item is designed to cater to a range of tastes, whether you're in the mood for something savory like a chicken biscuit with bacon or something hearty like a country platter. The menu also includes lighter options like hash browns and pancakes, ensuring there's something for everyone. For detailed info and prices, check their official website.

Remember, breakfast is available only at select locations and can also be ordered online, making it convenient for those on the go. Plus, with meals that are both satisfying and affordable, such as the "3-piece chicken strips" meal deal or the cheeseburger meal deal for just $7, which includes fries and a drink, it’s easy to see why their breakfast and lunch options are popular among a wide range of customers.

What Can You Find on the Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu?

Breakfast Sandwiches and Their Flavors

At Dairy Queen, the breakfast menu shines early in the morning. You'll find tasty sandwiches. They come in two kinds: a chicken biscuit that you can get with bacon or sausage and egg. There's also a chicken & gravy biscuit. It has crispy chicken strips that make your mouth water.

Platters and Bowls Options

For those who love a big breakfast, Dairy Queen has you covered. They offer five different platters and bowls. You can pick from the country platter, biscuit & gravy, or a breakfast bowl. You choose if you want sausage or chicken in it. These options make sure there's something for everyone.

Combo Meals Lineup

Combo meals are a big deal here. You get five to choose from, each with its main dish. They all come with hash browns and a drink. This means you start your day with a full meal that keeps you going.

People love Dairy Queen not just for its ice cream but for the morning meals too. From 7:00 AM, you can grab any of these good eats until 10:30 AM on weekdays. On weekends, you get a bit more time until 11:00 AM. Whether it's a sandwich, platter, or combo, you leave happy and full. Remember, breakfast at Dairy Queen is special. Not all locations offer it, so check first. For a heartier meal, try the 3-piece chicken strips or cheeseburger meal deal. They're both $7 and come with fries and a drink. It's a good start or middle to your day. If you're curious about more, see the menu here.

"Dairy Queen breakfast menu with prices" - Complete selection of morning options.

How Nutritious Are Dairy Queen Breakfast Items?

Caloric Range of Breakfast Items

You need to know, Dairy Queen breakfast ranges from 250 to 900 calories. This means you can pick light bites or hearty meals. Imagine starting your day with something as simple as eggs and hash browns for fewer calories. Or, dive into a full platter for a big hunger. Each option fits a different diet or craving, making mornings easy.

Allergen Information and Considerations

For those with food allergies, Dairy Queen lists important allergen info. They note that brownies have eggs. So, if eggs are off your list, steer clear of them. It's good to check their nutrition info for safe picks. They aim to help you choose wisely, avoiding what doesn't work for your health.

From light snacks to full plates, Dairy Queen has you covered in the morning. Plus, they help those with allergies make safe choices. It's all about starting your day right, no matter your diet or allergy needs.

Where Can You Order Dairy Queen Breakfast?

Using the Dairy Queen App for Orders

You can order Dairy Queen breakfast through their app. It's easy and fast.

Online Ordering Availability

Not all places have Dairy Queen breakfast online. Check the Dairy Queen website to see if yours does.

Dairy Queen is more than ice cream. They serve breakfast too! You can eat there from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM on days you work. On days off, you can sleep in. They serve until 11:00 AM then. Their breakfast menu has sandwiches, platters, combos, and sides.

You can pick from two kinds of sandwiches. One has chicken and a biscuit. You can add bacon or sausage and egg. Another choice is chicken & gravy biscuit with crisp chicken strips. Yum!

For a bigger meal, try one of their five platter or bowl options. They have a country platter, biscuit & gravy, and a breakfast bowl. You can get the bowl with sausage or chicken.

Combo meals are great if you want a bit of everything. Each one has a main, hash browns, and a drink. They have five kinds to choose from.

Want just a bit or something on the side? They have hash browns, eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes too. Meals have from 250 to 900 calories. So, you can pick what fits your day.

If you can't eat eggs, watch out for the brownies. They have eggs in them.

For a good deal on breakfast and lunch, try the "3-piece chicken strips" meal or the cheeseburger meal. Both are $7. They come with fries and a drink. What a deal!

You can order Dairy Queen breakfast but only at some places. Use their website to check.

"Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu with Prices"
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Are There Special Deals for Dairy Queen Breakfast?

Daily Meal Deals

Dairy Queen does have special deals for breakfast! They offer meal deals that blend value with taste. For just $7, you can grab a meal that fills you up and starts your day right. This deal includes a main dish, hash browns, and a drink. Talk about a yummy steal!

Combo Meal Options

The combo meals at Dairy Queen make breakfast decisions easy. Choose from options that include both classic and unique breakfast items. Each combo is designed to satisfy different cravings but they all have one thing in common: they're a great deal. With a main dish, crispy hash browns, and a refreshing drink, you've got yourself a full meal. And yes, for $7, it's a bargain that's hard to beat!

So, whether you're in the mood for a chicken biscuit or a hearty breakfast bowl, Dairy Queen's breakfast menu has got you covered. Remember, these deals are a smart way to enjoy a delicious breakfast without breaking the bank. Don't forget to check their website to find out more about their meal deals.

Can You Customize Dairy Queen Breakfast Items?

Customizing Your Meal for Allergies

Yes, you can ask to change items if you have food allergies. For example, if you can't eat eggs, you can leave them out of your sandwich. It's easy to make your meal safe for you.

Choosing Healthier Options

You can also pick items to make your meal healthier. Want fewer calories? Skip the hash browns. You can ask for more veggies or choose sides like fruit if they have it. Making these small changes helps you have a meal that meets your health goals.

Dairy Queen serves breakfast and lets you make changes to your order. This way, you can enjoy a meal that fits your diet or health needs. Whether you need to avoid certain foods because of allergies or you're watching what you eat, Dairy Queen has options for you. Remember to ask about changes when you order. They're happy to help make your meal just right for you.

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What Are the Most Satisfying Breakfast Combos?

3-piece Chicken Strips Meal Deal

This combo rocks for $7. You get chicken strips, fries, and a drink. It's a hearty way to start the day. Many find the chicken tender and the fries just right. It fits if you want something filling in the morning. It's easy on the wallet too.

Cheeseburger Meal Deal

Also for $7, this deal gives you a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink. It's great for those who love a classic taste. The burger is juicy, and the cheese melts just right. Plus, the fries add a nice crunch. This meal gives you a boost and keeps you full till lunch.

Dairy Queen serves up these breakfast options from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays. On weekends, you have until 11:00 AM. These combos are among the best offers for the morning. They give you protein and energy. Plus, they taste great. For those on the go, these deals are a perfect pick. You get a tasty meal without waiting long.

Besides, these combos are not just about the main items. You also get a choice of a drink to wash it all down. So, not only do you get to enjoy a full meal, but there's also something to sip on the side. It's a complete breakfast package.

Remember, breakfast at Dairy Queen is not at every location. But if you find one that does, give these combos a try. They are worth it for their price and taste.

How to Find Dairy Queen's Nutrition and Allergen Information?

Accessing Online Nutrition Information

You can see what's in your meal before you eat. Go here to find out. It shows calories and more. This helps you eat what's right for you.

Understanding the Allergen Menu

This menu tells you what's safe to eat if you have food allergies. For example, if you can't eat eggs, avoid the brownies. This info is key to eating safe at Dairy Queen. Always check this before you order, to stay healthy.

Connecting With Dairy Queen for Breakfast Updates

Following on Social Media for Offers

To know the latest Dairy Queen breakfast updates, follow them on social. Here, they post new deals and updates. It's a fun and easy way to stay in the loop. You'll see pictures of tasty breakfast items too. So, check their social media often.

Using the App for Latest Deals

Another smart way to catch breakfast deals is through the Dairy Queen app. This app shows you new offers and lets you order ahead. It’s handy for busy mornings. Also, you might find app-only deals that save you money. So, make sure to download it.

Dairy Queen serves breakfast from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays. On weekends, they serve until 11:00 AM. Their breakfast menu has tasty choices like sandwiches, platters, and combos. You can pick from two kinds of sandwiches. One has chicken with bacon or sausage and egg. The other comes with chicken & gravy. They offer five kinds of platters and bowls too. There are also combos with a main dish, hash browns, and a drink. You can add sides like hash browns or pancakes.

Items range from 250 to 900 calories. Be careful with brownies if you're allergic to eggs. You can order breakfast online, but it's only at some locations. The "3-piece chicken strips" deal and the cheeseburger meal deal are both good. They cost $7 and come with fries and a drink.

For real-time info, follow Dairy Queen's social media and check their official website and contact page. This keeps you updated on all things Dairy Queen breakfast.

We covered Dairy Queen's breakfast times, menus, and how to order. Remember, you can find tasty and healthy options. Always check for deals and customize meals to fit your diet. Stay updated with their app for new offers. Enjoy your breakfast adventure at Dairy Queen!