Are you hunting for the best breakfast deal to kickstart your day? Look no further than Denny's, where tasty meets affordable. This guide dives into Denny's breakfast menu, spotlighting the $6.99 steals and special prices for seniors. Whether you're a pancake lover or a grand slam fanatic, we've got the scoop on when to visit and what to expect price-wise. Plus, for those watching their diet, we explore healthy options that don't skimp on flavor. Get ready to make your breakfast exciting again with Denny's!


  • Denny's breakfast menu offers a wide variety, including $6.99 deals and senior discounts, available all day.
  • Breakfast specials and early bird discounts are available on weekdays.
  • Prices range from $6-$11.99 for main items like the Grand Slam, pancakes, and omelets, with detailed nutritional info and healthy options.
  • New 2023 items include the Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast and Autumn Apple Pancake Breakfast.
  • Compared to IHOP, Denny’s generally offers better value for similar breakfast dishes.
  • Customizable orders and online discounts can help diners save money and tailor meals to their preferences.

Image showing Denny's breakfast menu with prices, available all day.

What Is Denny's Breakfast Menu Like?

Exploring the Wide Variety of Denny's Breakfast Offerings

Denny's breakfast menu truly suits all tastes. It spans from hearty omelets and pancakes to healthier options like oatmeal and fruit. You can dive into the classic American breakfast experience here.

Highlighting Denny's $6.99 Breakfast Deals

The $6.99 meals stand out as true budget savers. These include options like the Everyday Value Slam, which offers eggs, pancakes, and bacon or sausage links. This deal keeps both your belly and wallet full!

Special Discounts: Denny's Breakfast Menu for Seniors

Denny's respects the elderly by offering special menu prices for seniors. These discounts let seniors enjoy a fulfilling breakfast without the worry of high costs. Tailored meals at reduced prices make it easier for seniors to dine out.

In conclusion, Denny's presents an inviting range of breakfast choices for all ages. You can find detailed descriptions and updated price lists on their main menu web page. Whether you’re saving with a $6.99 breakfast deal or using a senior discount, satisfaction is just a menu glance away.

When Can You Enjoy Breakfast at Denny's?

Denny's Breakfast Hours: Start and End Times

Breakfast fans often ask: What time does Denny's start serving breakfast? At Denny's, breakfast time starts the moment they open and runs all day. This means you get your favorite meal any time, be it morning, noon, or night. Whether it's 8 AM or 8 PM, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Weekday Specials for Early Risers at Denny's

If you love a good deal as well as a good meal, catch Denny's weekday breakfast specials. Available Monday through Friday, these specials feature discounted prices on select breakfast items. It's a perfect way to save some dollars while filling up on delicious, satisfying food.

Understanding Denny's Early Bird Specials

Early birds, rejoice! Denny's serves exclusive early bird discounts typically before noon. These specials offer great prices on combos and individual items, making early morning dining a delight. Check out Denny's own website to grab all the details on these offers and plan your visit accordingly.

"Image of Denny's breakfast menu with prices, showcasing affordable morning options."

How Much Does Breakfast Cost at Denny's?

Breaking Down the Cost of Denny's Famous Grand Slam

A Denny's Grand Slam can cost around $8.99 to $11.99. You get eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage. This price range makes breakfast a good deal given the variety and portion size.

Pricing for Denny's Pancakes: What to Expect

For just pancakes, expect to pay between $6 and $10. Prices vary based on toppings or extras like fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips. Choosing Denny's pancakes assures you of a filling meal at a reasonable price.

The Range of Denny's Omelette Prices

An omelette at Denny's costs between $7.99 and $11.99. The price will change based on the fillings you pick. Choices range from cheese and ham to more deluxe options with veggies and specialty meats.

Denny's breakfast menu prices are fair. You get good food without spending too much. The variety Denny's offers means there's something for everyone, making it a great choice for families or groups. You can check their full breakfast menu here.

Can You Find Healthy Options on Denny's Breakfast Menu?

Denny's menu is packed with details on what you eat. You can see calories, fat, and more for each dish. This helps in picking food that fits your health needs. Check their classic breakfasts for more facts on what you pick.

Heart-Healthy Breakfast Choices at Denny's

At Denny's, heart-healthy does not mean less flavor. Opt for their oatmeal, yogurt, or fresh fruit options. These meals are low in fats and high in fiber. They are good for your heart and taste buds too. Such choices help keep both your heart and plate quite happy!

Budget-Friendly and Nutritious Breakfasts at Denny's

Who says eating well has to be pricey? Denny's proves it wrong. They offer eggs, whole wheat pancakes, and lean meats at good prices. You can have a full, healthy meal without emptying your wallet. It's all about choosing smart and eating smart at Denny's.

Image of Denny's breakfast menu with prices featuring healthy options.

What Are the Newest Additions to Denny's Breakfast Menu?

Exploring the Newest Dishes on Denny's Breakfast Menu

Get ready for tasty updates at Denny's this 2023! With new dishes that capture the season's best, these additions bring fresh flavors to your plate. Prices are set to deliver value with a high satisfaction punch.

What's New in 2023: Latest Breakfast Additions

This year's fresh picks mix both sweet and savory. Try the Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast—crepes topped with glazed berries and served with eggs, bacon, or sausage. It’s a fruity feast that starts at $12.99.

Seasonal Breakfast Specials at Denny's

Seasonal menus mean ingredients at their peak. The Autumn Apple Pancake Breakfast features cinnamon apples over fluffy pancakes. With sides of eggs and hash browns, starting at $10.99, this meal brings the essence of fall to your morning.

These specials not only taste great but also offer a visual and flavorful upgrade to the regular menu. They are crafted to reflect the seasonal availability and popular trends, ensuring that guests always have something new and exciting to try. So, next time you visit Denny’s, be sure to check out these latest additions for a delicious start to your day!

How Do Denny's Breakfast Offerings Compare With Other Diners?

IHOP vs. Denny's: A Price Comparison

You want a good breakfast deal? Let’s talk IHOP and Denny’s. Both are loved, but which costs less? Often, Denny’s comes out ahead, especially with their value items. They serve up a hearty meal, and you'll spend less than at IHOP for similar dishes.

Finding the Best Value Breakfast Items at Denny's

Check out Denny's menu if you want the most for your money. For example, the Grand Slamwich packs a punch without draining your wallet. It's a top pick for a filling, tasty start at a lower price. Denny's focus on providing more for less truly stands out here.

When stacked against other diners, Denny’s holds its own. Their pricing strategy is made to stretch your dollars. Cameo Café offers similar insights, confirming Denny's status as a budget-friendly choice. Whether it's pancakes, omelets, or wraps, expect your visit to Denny’s to leave both your stomach and wallet full.

Image of Denny's breakfast menu with prices, featuring a variety of delicious options.

Can You Customize Your Breakfast Order at Denny's?

Yes, you can tailor your order at Denny's. Start on their digital menu to pick your meal. Easy swap options let you get the ideal dish. This means you can switch out sides, top your pancakes, or make that omelette fit your taste!

How to Find and Use Denny's Online Menu With Prices

On their website Denny's provides an up-to-date menu with prices. This helps you see cost while you choose. Discover Denny’s discount breakfast menu on their deals page to save money. Knowing your cost before ordering makes budgeting simple.

Uncovering Discounts and Deals on Denny's Breakfast Menu

Look out for special deals online. Denny's often has discount offers, making a good meal great with value. Seasonal or promotional discounts also pop up. Keep checking their deals page to snag the best price! This is smart for families or large groups.

Now you see, making your perfect breakfast at Denny's is just a few clicks away. Navigate, customize, and enjoy without stretching your wallet!

In this post, we dove into Denny's breakfast menu, its costs, and healthy options. We also compared it with other diners and explored new additions. My final thought? Denny's offers variety, value, and flexibility for all.