Ever wondered what's packed into Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast? This iconic meal is more than just a hearty start to your day. It's a customizable feast tailor-made to satisfy your morning cravings. Join me as we dive plate-first into the delicious details of this American classic, uncovering its components, value, hours, and even its nutritional facts. Ready to discover the grandeur of the Grand Slam? Let's get cracking!


  1. Denny's Grand Slam includes two pancakes, two sausage links, two bacon strips, and two eggs, typically priced at around $8.99. The breakfast meal is fully customizable.
  2. The most value for your money at Denny's can involve choosing the $5.99 special, featuring similar items to the Grand Slam, or keeping an eye out for seasonal promotions.
  3. Denny's is often open 24/7, but the breakfast menu is typically available from opening until 10 AM. Some locations offer extended breakfast hours.
  4. The Grand Slam can range from 800 to 1,000 calories, but substitutions can reduce this by around 500 calories.
  5. Free Grand Slam breakfasts are available on your birthday through the Denny's Rewards program.
  6. Customer feedback on the Grand Slam is generally positive, with many appreciating the quantity, quality, and customization options. Some criticism focuses on portion size and quality concerns.

Image of a delicious Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast with pancakes and eggs.

What does the Denny's Grand Slam breakfast consist of?

Picture it: you're famished and yearning for a hearty breakfast. Well, buddy, the Denny's Grand Slam breakfast is your savior! But what is it, exactly? Let's investigate.

The basic components of the meal

The Grand Slam serves up a heap of classic breakfast favorites. The basics? Two fluffy pancakes, two juicy sausage links, two crispy bacon strips, and two sunny-side-up eggs. Your plate will be a testament to the solemn joys of a quintessential American breakfast. The price? Around $8.99, but prices can vary based on the locale^(source).

Available customizations

However, Denny's knows that we are as unique as our food preferences, and so the Grand Slam is fully customizable. Depending on your foodie mood, you can switch out the standard items. Craving yolky scrambled eggs instead of runny sunny-side-up? No problem! Prefer wheat pancakes to the standard buttermilk? All power to you.

Not a fan of bacon or sausage? Swap them out for other options like ham or turkey bacon! Additional charges may apply on some swaps, but rest assured, the kitchen is your oyster. Or well, in this case, your breakfast plate. So, next time your appetite calls, why not answer with a Denny's Grand Slam? It's the breakfast equivalent of a home run.

How can I get the most value from my Denny's breakfast?

Ah, Denny's, a diner that offers a vast, budget-friendly menu with a variety of breakfast options. But, the question is, how can you get the best bang for your buck? Let's dig in!

Daily specials and deals

Denny's offers a range of daily specials, which are a great way to save a few bucks. The Denny's $5.99 breakfast special is a favorite among regulars. The menu includes options like the Super Slam, a generous serving of eggs, sausage links, bacon strips, and buttermilk pancakes. A similar deal is on offer in the form of Denny's Super Slam $5.99 Special. It's worth noting that the prices and offerings may vary across locations, so do check Denny's official website in advance.

Seasonal Denny's promotions

Seasonal promotions are also worth keeping an eye out for. Denny's often introduces special menus during holiday seasons, or unique deals tied to events (like Superbowl specials!). These offerings are typically time-limited and can provide excellent value for those seeking a hearty breakfast at an affordable price.

Remember, the most value doesn't always mean the least costly option. It's about balancing your appetite, your taste buds, and your budget. Denny's comprehensive menu, with its daily specials and seasonal promotions, offers an avenue for all three. In the world of value-for-money breakfasts, Denny's has proven itself a formidable player.

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What hours are Denny's breakfast available?

If you're looking to grab a hearty breakfast at Denny's, their classic breakfast time is from opening until 10 AM. During this time, might grab anything from the famous Grand Slam to a stack of pancakes.

Regular Denny's breakfast hours

Most Denny's restaurants open 24 hours, 7 days a week, meaning you'll be able to satisfy your breakfast cravings any hour of the day. However, the all-encompassing breakfast menu is typically available from opening until 10 AM. During these hours, the full range of breakfast delights including eggs, hash browns, sausage links, and bacon are up for grabs.

Locations with extended breakfast hours

Did you know that some Denny's locations offer extended breakfast hours? That's right! These locations serve up all your breakfast favorites well past 10 AM, convenient for those who love a good brunch or are just late risers. Thus, for the greatest chance of sinking your teeth into a Grand Slam, it might be beneficial to search for 'Denny's Menu near me' and check the specific serving times of your local restaurant.

Getting your hands on a Denny's breakfast, especially the Grand Slam, shouldn't have to be scheduled. After all, who says eggs and bacon are only for early risers? Whether it's 7 in the morning or nearing midnight, a Denny's breakfast could be just around the corner for you. It's never too late (or too early!) to dig into a hearty, satisfying breakfast.

*Please note, it is always advisable to confirm the serving hours with the respective Denny's outlet as some variations may apply.

How nutritious is Denny's Grand Slam breakfast?

When it comes to the health value, Denny's discloses all nutrition facts, allowing us to dig into the specifics and answer "how many calories in Denny's Grand Slam breakfast?"

Calorie count for a standard Grand Slam breakfast

A standard Grand Slam breakfast can round up to about 800 to 1,000 calories, depending on what you're loading on! They lose or gain calories based on what items you pick. Let's break down each key item: two buttermilk pancakes count for about 450 calories. Two bacon strips add around 70 calories. A serving of eggs provides roughly 250 to 300 calories. Their delicious sausage links add about 170 calories.

Healthier modifications and alternatives

Now what if you're trying to shave off some calories? Fret not, Denny's offers a slew of alternative choices that can bring down the calorie count considerably. Opt for egg whites instead of the whole egg and you can cut out around 100 calories. Swap regular bacon for turkey bacon and save another 50 calories. And if you're okay to ditch the pancakes for a slice of wheat toast, you've shaved off another 300 calories! So, by simply tweaking your choices, you can bring down the calorie count of a Grand Slam Breakfast to around 500 calories while still enjoying a full plate. Bon appetit!

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Are there free breakfast options at Denny's?

Yes, indeed there are! On your birthday, you can receive a free Grand Slam breakfast from Denny's. What better way to start your special day than with a veritable feast of delicious breakfast foods, absolutely free of charge? You'll find your taste buds tingling with anticipation as you take in the delightful aroma of two fluffy pancakes, two sizzling strips of bacon, two plump sausage links, and two eggs cooked to your liking. All you have to do is sign up for Denny's Rewards program online and bring in your ID on your birthday.

Birthday special

Denny’s free Grand Slam on your birthday is indeed one of the fabulous perks of their rewards program. Imagine biting into those fluffy pancakes sprinkled with a bit of powdered sugar or that crispy bacon that crackles with each mouthful. Sausage links sizzling with flavor and eggs, done sunny-side-up, scrambled, or however you prefer. This is undoubtedly a flavorful celebration of your special day!

Special events or promotions

Besides the fantastic birthday special, Denny's often has more savory surprises in store. Stay tuned into their social media channels or their official website for updates on various special events and promotions that may offer a free Grand Slam breakfast. It's worth keeping an eye out, because who knows when you might strike gold and find yourself staring down at a plate full of breakfast delight without having to reach for your wallet! You could even find yourself with not only a free Grand Slam, but the chance to indulge in Denny's many other delectable delights. It’s indeed a win-win!

What is the Customer Feedback About Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast?

As a breakfast lover, hearing the thought of others who've tasted the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's caught my keen interest. Most of the diner's customers hold a high regard for Denny's popular Grand Slam breakfast.

Positive Reviews and Feedback

Fans of the Denny's breakfast menu often rave about the Grand Slam breakfast. Reading Denny's Grand Slam breakfast review online, it's clear to spot the love many customers have for the meal.

Many tout the quantity and quality of the breakfast. The variety of choices makes it a hit – whether you fancy sweet or savory, the Grand Slam breakfast has got you covered. Customers also appreciate Denny's willingness to customize orders, allowing them to tailor meals to their specific preferences.

Criticisms and Shortcomings

Of course, not all coverage is glowing. Some diners have aired Denny's Grand Slam menu shortcomings online. Few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the actual size of the breakfast. They felt it didn't match up to their expectations. Others felt the quality of the food overall could do with some improvements.

In all, the consensus seems to be that Denny's Grand Slam breakfast is a decent option. It's popular among people who desire variety, decent quality food at an affordable price, and the ability to satisfy different breakfast cravings all in one meal.

We've explored the ins and outs of Denny's Grand Slam breakfast. We've looked at its components, how to get the most value, the breakfast hours, its nutrition facts, and even free breakfast options. We also took a peek at customer feedback. With this knowledge, you're now well-equipped to make the most out of your Denny's breakfast experience. Remember, a good breakfast sets your day right!