Craving a big breakfast without big spends? Dive into Golden Corral's breakfast hours and costs. Learn when to go and what you'll pay for a feast. Perfect for families on the go or anyone wanting to start their day right. Let's uncover the best times and deals for your morning meal.


  • Golden Corral breakfast served weekends 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM.
  • Adults pay between $8.99 – $12.99, kids aged 3-10 around $6.99; prices may vary.
  • Offers brunch with a blend of breakfast and lunch dishes.
  • To-go and delivery options available.
  • Holiday hours start at 7:00 AM, ending at 11:00 AM.
  • Emphasizes fresh, quality ingredients and offers a diverse menu with something for everyone.
  • Coupons available online and through signups for additional savings.
  • Located in various locations, easily found via their online locator.

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What Are Golden Corral Breakfast Hours?

When Does Breakfast Service Begin?

Golden Corral starts serving breakfast at 8:00 AM on weekends. This is your chance to start your day with a loaded plate!

What Time Does Breakfast End?

Come before 11:00 AM on weekends to catch breakfast. After this, the menu shifts to lunch offerings.

Golden Corral offers a grand breakfast spread on weekends, ideal for family outings or a fulfilling start to a Saturday or Sunday. From 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, you can enjoy hot, fresh meals straight from the kitchen. The early opening time provides a convenient option for those with busy weekend plans, while the 11:00 AM cutoff ensures there's ample time to savor various dishes. Enthusiasts of breakfast foods can indulge in their favorites like pancakes, waffles, and custom omelets made just to their liking. Remember, it's not just about eating; it's about enjoying a meal that sets the tone for a great weekend.

How Much Does Golden Corral Breakfast Cost?

Pricing for Adults and Children

Golden Corral prices are easy on your wallet. For adults, breakfast costs between $8.99 and $12.99. Kids aged 3-10 eat for less, usually around $6.99. These prices can change based on location and specials.

Special Breakfast Deals and Discounts

Always look for deals. Holidays and weekends might bring special rates. You can sometimes find coupons or group discounts. It's worth a check before you visit. For more, see Golden Corral breakfast hours.

Golden Corral offers a tasty start with options like eggs, bacon, and pancakes. They cook meals fresh, and the variety is huge. From fruit to fried chicken, there's something for everyone. This spot serves quality at a good price. You get a lot of food for what you pay. Always check the latest prices online or call the local restaurant.

Eating here is easy, fun, and fills you up without emptying your wallet. Whether you're with family or friends, it's a great place to start your day.

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Where to Find a Golden Corral Near Me?

Locating the Nearest Golden Corral

Finding a Golden Corral near you is easy. Use their online locator to spot one. Just enter your zip code or city, and it lists the closest spots.

Getting Directions Online

Once you spot a nearby Golden Corral, getting there is a snap. Their site offers direct links. Click on your chosen location. It gives you the fastest route.

The Golden Corral at 2025 Market Place Blvd. in Cumming, GA has fine dine-in, to-go, and delivery options. Call them at 678-965-2273 if you need more info. They welcome you from Monday to Thursday between 10:45 AM and 9:00 PM. On Friday, they keep the same hours. Over the weekend, they open earlier at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM.

They make group dining easy with ample space and a dedicated party area. Their menu has favorites like fried chicken and sirloin steak. Side choices include broccoli and mashed potatoes. Their salad bar is stocked with fresh veggies and fruits. Treat yourself to their carrot cake or hand-dipped ice cream.

Start your day right with their breakfast buffet. Enjoy cooked-to-order eggs or design your omelet at their omelet station! If you're coming for lunch, try their steakburgers or bourbon street dishes.

What's on the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu?

When you hear "Golden Corral," think big! Their breakfast menu has favorites like hot-off-the-grill pancakes and waffles. Love eggs? Get them any way you want. They even have an omelet station. You can pick from toppings like onions, peppers, ham, and cheese.

Special Dietary Options Available

Diet needs? No worries. Golden Corral offers items like yogurt, fresh fruit, and oatmeal. They understand different needs and provide variety for everyone. From gluten-friendly options to low-carb foods, they have your back.

Curious about more? Check their full menu here.

Golden Corral knows how to start your morning right. Whether you're up for a hearty meal of eggs and bacon or something lighter like fruit and yogurt, there's plenty for you. Next time you're planning a breakfast outing, keep Golden Corral in mind for an enjoyable and fulfilling start to your day!

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Special Breakfast Options: Does Golden Corral Offer Brunch?

Weekend Brunch Hours and Menu

Yes, Golden Corral does offer brunch on weekends. Golden Corral's brunch hours are from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM on both Saturdays and Sundays. This is a great time for those who love a late breakfast or an early lunch.

The brunch menu at Golden Corral is rich and varied, ensuring there's something pleasing for everyone. You can start with cooked-to-order eggs or make your own omelet at the omelet station. Choose from fillings like cheese, onions, peppers, and ham. If you're into sweet breakfast items, the pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls are a must-try.

Golden Corral doesn’t just stop at breakfast items. For those who lean more towards lunch, there are steakburgers and bourbon street chicken on the menu too. It’s a blend of breakfast and lunch dishes so everyone finds something to enjoy.

The brunch also offers health-conscious options with a salad bar that includes fresh veggies, fruits, and a variety of dressings. For dessert, indulge in carrot cake, banana pudding, or cookies among other sweet treats.

This variety ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable brunch experience, whether you're into hearty breakfasts or lighter meals.

How to Get the Best Value at Golden Corral Breakfast?

Tips for Enjoying Unlimited Buffet Successfully

Go early or late to avoid crowd and enjoy fresh food. Check the local buffet menu online. Plan your meal to mix favorites with new dishes. Savor the omelet station; add veggies and cheese for a filling start. Don’t skip the fresh fruit, a light complement to hearty breakfast items.

At Golden Corral, breakfast prices offer great value, featuring a wide selection of items. Enjoy cooked-to-order eggs, hearty pancakes, and savory bacon. Indulge in cinnamon rolls for a sweet morning treat. Comfort food lovers will love the wide variety of options available throughout the morning.

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Are There Any Golden Corral Breakfast Coupons Available?

Finding and Using Breakfast Coupons

Yes, you can find coupons for Golden Corral breakfast. Coupons help you save money. First, check the Golden Corral website. They often post deals and offers there. You can also look in local newspapers or signup for their email list. Email lists often send out special deals that are not available to everyone.

When you find a coupon, read it well. Make sure it is for breakfast and it's not expired. Show the coupon on your phone or a printed version at the restaurant. This will lower your bill.

Saving on breakfast means you can enjoy more for less. More pancakes, bacon, and eggs for a better price! Who doesn't like saving money? Make sure you've got your coupons ready for a great meal.

Can You Enjoy Golden Corral Breakfast To-Go?

How to Order Breakfast for Pickup or Delivery

Yes, you can enjoy Golden Corral breakfast to-go. You have options to pick up your meal or get it delivered to your doorstep. To order, visit the Golden Corral order page.

At Golden Corral in Cumming, GA, you can get your breakfast packed to-go every day. Order from your home or phone in your favorites. The place opens at 8:00 AM on weekends. This gives you ample time to get a hearty breakfast whether you're an early riser or a late starter.

Breakfast items to grab include eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. You can also customize your omelets at the omelet station. They pack them well so you enjoy the same fresh taste at home or on the go.

The process is simple. Go to the restaurant's order page, choose your items, and select pickup or delivery. Make sure to check the pickup hours to align with your schedule. Curbside pickup helps if you're rushing.

For delivery, check the app or site you are using to see if Golden Corral is listed. Ensure they cover your area. Order, sit back, and wait for a delicious breakfast to arrive.

If you need to speak directly or ask about group meals, call the restaurant. They are ready to help get your breakfast sorted.

For a tasty start to your day, think about Golden Corral. With to-go options, it’s never been easier.

What Are Golden Corral’s Breakfast Hours on Holidays?

Breakfast Service During Major Holidays

On most holidays, think like Thanksgiving and Christmas, breakfast times may change. I rang up the Golden Corral in Cumming, GA, and got the scoop. Usually, on holidays, breakfast kicks off at 7:00 AM. It wraps up at 11:00 AM. Now, aren't those perfect times for a festive family meal?

Holidays can stir up a big crowd. Call ahead is smart. It saves you a spot and cuts down on wait times. This is key for enjoying that golden, yummy breakfast without the fuss. Want to learn more about their special hours and buffet options on holidays? Check out Golden Corral's Holiday Hours.

Usher in your holiday with heaps of bacon, fluffy pancakes, and more. Golden Corral has you covered. Enjoy their warm, cozy breakfast and make your holiday mornings extra special.

So, mark your calendars. Plan your visit. And tuck into a hearty holiday breakfast at Golden Corral's welcoming buffet.

Golden Corral’s Commitment to Freshness: How Is the Breakfast Prepared?

Behind the Scenes at the Breakfast Buffet

Golden Corral takes breakfast seriously. Every morning, the kitchen buzzes with activity. Fresh ingredients arrive early. Chefs get busy preparing what guests will soon enjoy.

Here’s how it happens step by step:

  1. Early Start: Chefs start before the sun rises. This ensures everything is ready and fresh.

  2. Quality Ingredients: The buffet uses good, wholesome ingredients. They believe fresh food makes the best meals.

  3. Cooked to Order: Items like eggs and omelets are made as you like them. You can pick what goes into your dish.

  1. Continuous Cooking: Dishes are prepared in small batches. This way, everything served is hot and fresh.

  2. Clean and Safe: Cleanliness is top priority. Surfaces are cleaned often and foods are kept at safe temperatures.

  3. Diverse Menu: There's something for everyone. From pancakes and sausage to fruit and yogurt.

So next time you sit down to eat, know a lot of care went into your meal. You enjoy fresh, tasty food every time.

Golden Corral Breakfast Hours: All You Need to Know for Planning Your Visit

Summary of Breakfast Hours, Prices, and Menu Highlights

Golden Corral serves breakfast buffet from 8:00 AM. It wraps up by 11:00 AM. Prices for adults typically range from $8.99 to $9.99. Kids often enjoy lower prices, around $6.99 or less.

The menu? Oh, it's a treat! It helps you start your day off right. The famed omelet station lets you mix things like onions, peppers, cheese, and ham. Pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls add sweet touches. Protein? Bacon and sausage await. This spread handles most cravings with ease.

Breakfast isn't just about filling up. It's about options. Golden Corral gets this right. You get to pick from cooked foods or lighter, healthy choices. This blend suits many tastes and needs.

For families or solo diners, it’s practical and enjoyable. Group-friendly spaces and prompt service add to the experience. Plus, you can round off your meal with something sweet. How about a fresh piece of fruit or a slice of carrot cake?

At Golden Corral, breakfast is more than a meal. It’s a start to a potentially beautiful day. With hot favorites and cool selections waiting, it arms you to meet the day head-on. Enjoy it in Cumming, GA, or check other locations on their website. They’re all set to welcome you. Happy dining!

Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Corral Breakfast

Addressing Common Queries from Diners

Many diners ask, "When does Golden Corral serve breakfast?" They start bright and early at 8:00 AM on both Saturdays and Sundays. During the week, remember, breakfast is not available; they begin at 10:45 AM with the lunch menu.

Next, guests often wonder, "What meals can you enjoy at breakfast?" The buffet includes favorites like eggs any way you like, fluffy pancakes, savory bacon, and more. They even have an omelet station. Here, you can choose what you want to fill your omelet with—cheese, veggies, meats—the choice is yours!

Another frequent question is about price. "How much does breakfast cost at Golden Corral?" Prices can vary, so it’s best to check their official website. But, expect a cost-friendly start to your day, both affordable and filling.

For those with special dietary needs, there's good news. "Does Golden Corral accommodate special diets?" Yes, they do. The salad bar is a great spot for those seeking gluten-free, low-carb, or vegetarian options, loaded with fresh veggies and fruits.

Many are curious if Golden Corral offers lunch items during breakfast hours. So, "Can you get lunch foods in the morning?" Yes, after breakfast hours end, starting at 10:45 AM on weekdays, you can dive into their diverse lunch options, including steakburgers and bourbon street dishes.

Remember, if you can't sit down for a meal, they offer great flexibility. "Does Golden Corral offer breakfast to-go?" Absolutely, they provide to-go, and even curbside pickup. Grab a meal on the run without skipping the most important meal of the day!

Lastly, "Are there any other amenities offered?" This location boasts a banquet room perfect for groups. So, whether it's a family gathering or a large meet-up, they’re set to accommodate.

Golden Corral's breakfast is not just about the first meal; it's about options and accessibility, ensuring a great start to your day, any day of the week!

Golden Corral Breakfast Hours: Costs Unveiled

Golden Corral serves breakfast from 8:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. You can start your day with a wide variety of breakfast choices until 11:00 AM when the morning fare wraps up. This timing provides a perfect window for both early birds and those who love a lazy start to their weekends.

The breakfast buffet at Golden Corral is famous for its value and variety. How much does it cost? For adults, breakfast typically costs about $8.99, though prices can vary slightly depending on the location. For children aged 4 to 12, it’s usually around $6.99, and children under 4 eat for free with an adult purchase. This pricing makes Golden Corral a go-to spot for families looking to enjoy a hearty breakfast without breaking the bank.

Golden Corral is not just about affordability; it’s about options. From cooked-to-order eggs and omelets to bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s morning cravings. The omelet station is particularly popular, allowing you to customize your omelet with various fillings.

And let's not overlook the ambiance and convenience. The Cumming, GA location, for example, provides not just sit-down dining but also to-go and delivery options available during business hours. This flexibility means you can enjoy Golden Corral’s breakfast whether you’re dining in or on the go.

So, if you’re yearning for an all-you-can-eat breakfast experience that won’t drain your wallet, consider Golden Corral. With extended weekend hours and a plethora of dishes to choose from, it’s a breakfast haven for many. Plus, with handy options like curbside pickup and delivery, enjoying a Golden Corral breakfast has never been easier. Check out their menu and more details at Golden Corral. Whether you’re planning a family outing or grabbing a quick bite before work, Golden Corral's breakfast buffet is poised to satisfy.

We covered Golden Corral's breakfast hours, prices, and menu. We shared tips for value and coupons. Remember, breakfast can be exciting and affordable.