Wondering how long Burger King serves breakfast? You're in the right spot. We dive deep into their breakfast times, both on weekdays and weekends, and even check if holidays change anything. Plus, we explore what tasty items their menu offers, from classics to special deals. Want to know more about prices or mixing breakfast with regular items? We've got that covered too. Find out how to never miss out on Burger King's breakfast, no matter where you are.


  • Burger King serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM daily, including weekends and holidays.
  • The menu features popular items like the Sausage Cheese and Egg croissant, French Toast Sticks, and Hash Browns.
  • Prices vary by location; special deals are available via the website and app.
  • Breakfast cannot be mixed with regular menu items; the regular menu starts at 10:30 AM.
  • Use the Burger King app to check local breakfast hours, offerings, and prices.
  • Menu variety may differ by location but generally adheres to core timings and offerings.

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What Time Does Burger King Serve Breakfast?

How Early Can You Get Breakfast at Burger King on Weekdays?

Burger King starts serving breakfast at 6:00 AM on weekdays. You can grab your favorite breakfast items early in the morning. This timing allows you to enjoy a hearty meal before heading to work or starting your day.

Do Burger King Breakfast Hours Extend on Weekends?

No, Burger King's breakfast hours do not extend on weekends. The restaurant serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM, similar to the weekday schedule. Whether it's Saturday or Sunday, make sure to visit during these hours to enjoy your breakfast.

Is Burger King's Breakfast Schedule the Same During Holidays?

Yes, Burger King's breakfast schedule is the same during holidays. They open at 6:00 AM and close the breakfast service at 10:30 AM. This consistency ensures that even on a holiday, you won’t miss out on starting your day with a satisfying breakfast.

From the delicious Sausage Cheese and Egg croissant to a variety of other menu options, ensuring you arrive before the 10:30 AM cutoff is key. Remember, these timings are maintained across all locations, offering uniformity no matter where you are. This way, Burger King helps keep your morning hassle-free, offering a reliable and quick option for breakfast. Always check the website or use Burger King's app to confirm the breakfast hours at your local restaurant, as they could vary based on location.

What Can You Find on the Burger King Breakfast Menu?

Burger King serves breakfast from 6:00 am to 10:30 am every day. They offer many breakfast items during these hours. You can view their full menu at DailyDot. This includes a variety of choices.

The most loved item is the Sausage, Cheese, and Egg Croissant. Besides that, guests frequently enjoy the French Toast Sticks and Hash Browns. These choices lead in popularity and satisfy many morning cravings.

Are There Any Special Deals Available for Breakfast at Burger King?

Yes, Burger King often provides special deals. They offer coupons and discount vouchers that work well for saving money during breakfast hours. You can find these deals through their website and app. This makes breakfast at Burger King both delicious and budget-friendly. Keep in mind, the availability of specials can vary by location and state.

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How Does Burger King’s Breakfast Pricing Work?

How Does the Price of Breakfast Items Vary by Location?

At Burger King, breakfast prices change based on where you are. For example, a meal might cost less in Oklahoma than Texas. This happens because each area has different costs for things like ingredients and rent. So, the price you pay in one state might not be the same in another.

Can You Save Money With Burger King’s Breakfast Deals?

Yes, you can save money! Burger King often has deals such as coupons or breakfast specials. By using these deals, you can enjoy your favorite items like the Sausage Cheese and Egg croissant for less money. It’s a good plan to check Burger King’s website or app before you go. This way, you can find the best deals that are available at your local restaurant.

To see more about Burger King's current menu prices visit here. Always remember to check if deals are valid at the location near you, as sometimes offers can vary by place. Enjoying a budget-friendly meal at Burger King doesn't mean missing out on your favorite breakfast treats.

Can You Mix Breakfast and Regular Menu Items at Burger King?

You can't mix breakfast and regular items at Burger King. Each menu is strict. You must wait for breakfast time to end if you want lunch or dinner items. Why might you ask? It's about their kitchen setup and how they prepare different menu items.

What Options Do You Have If You Wake Up Late But Still Want Breakfast?

Missed the 10:30 am cut-off? Unfortunately, Burger King stops serving breakfast on the dot. This helps them switch gear for their lunch menu seamlessly. Your only option for late risers wanting Burger King breakfast is getting there before 10:30 am. Make sure to check their detailed schedule to catch breakfast hours on your visit.

When Does Burger King Start Serving Its Regular Menu?

Burger King rolls out its regular menu right after breakfast hours end at 10:30 am. This transition time is crucial for kitchen staff to prepare for the different meal offerings. So, even if you enter a few minutes before 10:30, your options might be limited to just the breakfast menu.

Mixing between menus is not possible due to their operational and kitchen setup, which ensures customers get the best quality for specific menu items at designated times. Knowing this, you can plan whether to hit the snooze button or jump out of bed for that delicious breakfast wrap or wait a bit longer for a Whopper!

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How to Find Your Local Burger King Breakfast Hours and Offerings?

Using the Burger King App to Discover Breakfast Times Near You

Want to grab a Burger King breakfast? Use the Burger King app to find out when. Just download it, punch in your location, and get the exact breakfast hours for your local Burger King. Every spot opens for breakfast at 6:00 am sharp and serves up till 10:30 am, even on holidays!

The app is a handy tool for discovering what’s on offer too. While most locations stick to the classic menu, some may vary. For instance, some places might tempt you with a Sausage Cheese and Egg croissant that’s raved about, while others keep it simple. It’s smart to check, so you’re not disappointed!

Remember, prices can differ based on where you are. Say, Oklahoma might be cheaper than Texas. So, it’s great to verify this on the app before you make your breakfast run, or better yet, snatch up any digital coupons to save some bucks.

Are All Burger King Locations Consistent With Breakfast Offerings?

Mostly yes, but not always. Burger King has its breakfast fundamentals set across all locations: the timing is a solid 6:00 to 10:30 am stint. No early birds or late-comers; 10:30 am is the cut-off. But, the variety can switch up from one state to another. Head to the BK website to see specifics like menu details and what’s special at your nearest Burger King.

Fact to note; not all Burger King joints serve standalone eggs for your custom cravings since breakfast items usually come combined, like those in croissants or buns. However, for those keen to pile up a personal big breakfast, some locations encourage a mix-and-match from the available items. Dive into your local menu through the app or website to plan the perfect breakfast platter.

So, gear up and check out what’s cooking at your Burger King bright and early! Don’t forget, whether you’re into a quick bite or a hearty meal to kickstart your day, knowing your local Burger King’s breakfast drill can really make your morning smooth.

In this post, we covered when and what you can eat for breakfast at Burger King, including their hours, menu, and prices. We also explored how to mix breakfast with regular items and how to find local breakfast times. My final thought? With a bit of knowledge, you can enjoy a tasty, budget-friendly breakfast at Burger King any day.