Craving a breakfast feast but unsure about the cost? Wondering if Golden Corral's Breakfast Buffet fits your budget? We've got you covered. This guide will unravel the mystery behind Golden Corral's breakfast buffet prices while also exploring their menu, hours, and more. Whether you're a busy bee or a breakfast enthusiast, this one's for you. Let's dive in!


  • Golden Corral breakfast buffet is served daily from 7:30 AM till 11:00 AM, varying at each branch.
  • The buffet menu includes a wide range of favorites from omelettes to pancakes.
  • The general cost for an adult breakfast buffet is between $8.69 and $9.89, with slight variations depending on location.
  • Senior citizens get discounted buffet prices.
  • To find the nearest Golden Corral, search 'Golden Corral near me' online.
  • Lunch hours are from 3 PM till 10 PM, with prices ranging between $11 to $14 per adult.
  • Golden Corral offers discounts for senior citizens aged 60 and over.
  • The breakfast buffet price is the cheapest meal option, with lunch and dinner being slightly more expensive.
  • Golden Corral offers Early Bird specials before 4 PM from Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays).

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What is the Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet and When Can You Get It?

First thing's first! Golden Corral breakfast hours! The restaurant serves breakfast from 7:30 AM till 11:00 AM. That said, each branch may operate on a slightly different schedule depending on their location and local demand. So, it's best to check the local store hours [1].

What does the Golden Corral breakfast menu include?

Get set to be spoiled for choice. From made-to-order omelettes and bacon to pancakes and pastries, the Golden Corral breakfast menu has it all. Feasting here is a delight and a challenge, seeing as the options are endless.

What time does Golden Corral start serving breakfast?

Like we shared before, breakfast begins at 7:30 AM. It's a great starting point to fuel your day with a wholesome meal.

Can you get breakfast at Golden Corral every day?

Yes, you can! Golden Corral serves breakfast every day so you can indulge whenever you get those breakfast cravings.

You might wonder, who's behind the success of Golden Corral? Well, Lance Trenary, the President and CEO, plays a significant role. With his expertise and dedication spanning 36 years, Golden Corral boasts some of the best breakfast buffets in town. Other key members of the leadership team include Jim Laverty (CFO), Shelley Wolford (CPO), Skip Hanke (CMO), and David Conklin (CDO) contributing to the brand's success.

Now that you know what, when, and who, it's time to try the Golden Corral breakfast buffet at a location near you!

How Much Does Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Cost?

You're wondering, "How much is the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral?" Well, the general cost for an adult usually falls between $8.69 and $9.89.

What is the general cost for an adult at the Golden Corral breakfast buffet?

Generally, an adult can enjoy the Golden Corral breakfast buffet for less than $10, that is between $8.69 and $9.89. Here, variety meets value. This price range allows dining in an all-you-can-eat breakfast paradise laden with your favorite morning eats.

Now, you might think, "Are there different breakfast buffet prices for different locations?" Surprisingly, yes.

Are there different breakfast buffet prices for locations in California, Florida, and other states?

Indeed, Golden Corral's breakfast buffet prices vary slightly by location. For instance, breakfast rates may differ between a branch in California and one in Florida due to regional living costs and taxes. However, the price differences are typically insignificant. Visit the Golden Corral's pricing page to check your local prices.

Lastly, let's discuss about the senior citizens. Do they get any special breakfast buffet prices?

Does Golden Corral offer breakfast buffet prices for seniors?

Golden Corral respects their experienced customers! Therefore, they offer discounted buffet prices for seniors. Though the exact discount varies with location, seniors can typically enjoy a bountiful breakfast display for less. Again, check out the Golden Corral's official website for accurate pricing.

Now, with clear insight into the Golden Corral breakfast buffet prices, you can plan your next breakfast outing with precision and peace of mind. Enjoy a wallet-friendly, palate-pleasing experience at Golden Corral!

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How Can I Find Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Near Me?

Wishing for a hot plate of fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon from Golden Corral's breakfast buffet? To find the nearest Golden Corral, use 'Golden Corral near me' in your search. Most search engines can provide numerous results. To help with directions, use 'Directions to Golden Corral near me' for exact turn-by-turn navigation.

Perhaps you've moved or want something beyond the cereal aisle on your vacation. Then the 'Golden Corral locations' search holds your answer. This displays all Golden Corral open locations near your spot.

Is a specific state your target, like New Jersey? Use 'Golden Corral NJ' to find locations in that state. Remember, every website visit, search engine, and GPS unit can be your Golden Corral locator. Happy hunting!

Keep in mind, the up-to-date list of locations, store hours, menus, and more is always available on their official website.

This tool is courteous of the efficient team managing Golden Corral operations. Spearheaded by Lance Trenary (President and CEO), Jim Laverty (CFO), and Shelley Wolford (Chief People Officer), they all play key roles in ensuring you can enjoy your favorite breakfast plate. New marketing strategies and culinary innovations, as introduced by Skip Hanke (CMO) and David Conklin (Chief Development Officer) make the breakfast experience more enjoyable too!

Don't let distance stand in the way of a delicious start to the day; Golden Corral locations are just a search away!

How can I locate the nearest Golden Corral to me?

The fastest way is to search 'Golden Corral near me' on any search engine or location-based app. Your location settings need to be enabled for accurate results.

Does Golden Corral display their locations and directions online?

Yes, Golden Corral lists all their locations on their official website. For directions, you can utilize their location feature or any mapping tool online.

Can I find Golden Corral locations in NJ and other states?

Absolutely! Search terms like 'Golden Corral NJ' will give results for locations in specific states like New Jersey. Adjust the state abbreviation for other locations.

What Are Golden Corral Lunch Hours and Prices?

When it comes to Golden Corral's lunch hours, they're pretty consistent throughout the week. Generally, they start serving lunch from 3 PM up until closing time at 10 PM. This not only caters to the late lunch crowd but also those who prefer an early dinner.

Now, if you're planning a weekend visit, maintain the same enthusiasm! You'll find Golden Corral serving lunch on Saturdays and Sundays without any change in the routine. Whether it's a laid-back Sunday or a busy Saturday, you can still enjoy your favorite lunch items during these hours.

As for Golden Corral's lunch prices, they vary depending on the day of the week. But they usually range between $11 to $14 per adult. It's a worthwhile deal, considering the extensive range of tasty options available for you to sample. From their famous pot roast to crispy fried chicken, you get value for every dollar spent.

Learn more details at Golden Corral's official website.

Meanwhile, if you're curious about Golden Corral's key team, the industry veterans Lance Trenary (President and CEO) and Jim Laverty (CFO) have been passionately driving the brand for over 36 years and 41 years respectively. Shelley Wolford (Chief People Officer), David Conklin (Chief Development Officer), and the recent joiner Skip Hanke (CMO) all contribute to Golden Corral's continued success.

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What are Golden Corral Prices for Senior Adults?

Yes, Golden Corral does indeed offer discounts for senior citizens. For seniors aged 60 and over, the "Early Bird Special" is a fantastic deal, available Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. The price varies slightly by location, but overall, it is a major bargain for seniors who love a good meal!

Adults aged 60 and above can also enjoy dinner, Monday through Thursday after 4 pm, for a slashed price. Again, the exact cost may vary by location, typical restaurant practices in the respective region, or even specific day of the week due to special deals.

As for Sunday, the magic day for senior adults, Golden Corral offers an exclusive Senior Day Buffet, allowing senior patrons to savor the widespread menu at fantastic value. These offers put Golden Corral well in the race of being a top choice for senior dining.

As for the start point of these senior prices, generally, anyone aged 60 and over is considered a senior at Golden Corral. However, this may vary slightly by location, and we recommend checking directly with your local Golden Corral to avoid any confusion.

Now, for those special occasions when eating out as a large group, Golden Corral also offers group-specific deals. This can equate to substantial savings, especially when dining in large groups. But, make sure to inquire about any such discounts when making your reservation or upon arrival.

In essence, Golden Corral offers great price points for senior adults, proving to be budget-friendly without compromising the buffet's range and quality.

What Makes The Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Special for Adults?

What breakfast items can I expect at the Golden Corral buffet?

At Golden Corral, they serve a wide range of breakfast dishes. The buffet spread includes both hot and cold items. You can chow down on the classic fare like bacon and eggs, or go for waffles and pancakes. Fresh fruit and yogurts are also on the menu for a lighter start. It is quite a feast!

How do Golden Corral prices compare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

If we talk about Golden Corral prices, the breakfast is typically the most budget-friendly option. The Golden corral breakfast buffet price ranges between $8.69 to $9.89 on an average. Lunch prices usually peak a little higher, while the dinner buffet is the most costly option. However, the wide range of dishes covered under each meal makes the cost worth it.

What are some special features of Golden Corral buffet for adults?

Golden Corral offers an excellent balance of taste, variety, and value in their buffets. What sets them apart is the fresh ingredient and homemade quality of their dishes. Adults particularly find their vast salad bar, limitless bacon strips, carving station, and custom omelette preparation heartwarming! They also take care in serving special needs, with options for vegetarian, gluten-free, and no sugar added recipes. Trust me; their breakfast buffet is a real treat!

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Are There Any Special Discounts or Offers at Golden Corral?

Does Golden Corral have specific hours or days when eating there is cheaper? Yes, they do! The earlier you go, the cheaper it is.

Need more details? Golden Corral offers an Early Bird Special for guests who arrive at the restaurant before 4 pm. This special is available from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, gets the buffet at a cheaper price!

Speaking of holidays, are there any special menus for occasions, like Thanksgiving? Golden Corral has got you covered. The Golden Corral Thanksgiving menu features all your traditional favourites. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and even pumpkin pie are served.

Golden Corral doesn't stop at menu specials. It also looks after our seniors. But does Golden Corral offer any special discounts or deals for seniors? The answer is, unequivocally, yes!

Golden Corral loves their seniors. Metrically, if you're over 60, you are classified as senior at Golden Corral. Age has benefits as Golden Corral offers seniors a lower price for their incredible buffet. This is an everyday offer, not just a one-off special.

These are among some of the exciting offers that Golden Corral serves up along with their mouth-watering food. Check their website for the latest deals, discounts, and special menus. There's always something special cooking at Golden Corral.

We've explored the Golden Corral breakfast buffet, its cost, and the special offers available. We learned it's possible to find a nearby location and the various prices for adults and seniors. With a variety of options and affordable prices, Golden Corral offers a satisfying, value-for-money dining experience. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it count!