Looking to kick-start your day with a hearty breakfast from Jack in the Box but unsure about the prices? You're in the right spot! Our detailed guide dives into the breakfast menu prices at this popular eatery, offering you an easy way to plan your morning meal. From classic items to all-day options, we've got you covered. So, let's explore what Jack in the Box has to offer to make your mornings deliciously satisfying!


  • Jack in the Box serves a diverse breakfast menu, which includes classic sandwiches, burritos, pancakes, and hash browns.
  • They offer 14 breakfast combo choices for variety.
  • Their all-day breakfast features favorites like the Sausage Croissant, Supreme Croissant, and Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito.
  • Prices range from under $5 for a budget-friendly meal to over $10 for more elaborate options.
  • They provide healthier options with lower calories for calorie-conscious customers.
  • Unlike many fast-food joints, Jack in the Box serves breakfast 24/7 in most locations.
  • Their breakfast menu is complemented by a variety of drinks and sides, including hash browns, fries, salads, and onion rings.
  • The menu includes vegan and vegetarian options like Mini Pancakes and Hash Browns.

Jack in the Box breakfast menu prices.

What are the breakfast menu options at Jack in the Box?

At Jack in the Box, breakfast is a meal to savor. They believe in making mornings special, hence the diverse menu.

What are the classic items on the Jack in the Box breakfast menu?

Classic items include six different sandwiches, two croissants, the Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito, Mini Pancakes, and Hash Browns. The Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito and Jumbo Breakfast Platter with Bacon are fan favorites. Each item is crafted to tickle the taste buds.

What breakfast combos can one order at Jack in the Box?

To satisfy the rumbling stomach, Jack in the Box offers 14 breakfast combos. The choices are broad: burrito combos, sandwich combos, platter combos, and more. Each combo is thoughtfully curated to offer a mix of flavors and textures, which will light up even the gloomiest mornings.

What all-day breakfast options are there at Jack in the Box?

Don’t worry if you overslept; Jack in the Box offers an all-day breakfast menu. Some options include the Sausage Croissant, Supreme Croissant, and Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito. Whatever time it is, these breakfast bites will bring you joy.

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Jack in the Box has got you covered. Their offerings are sure to make you come back for more, day or night.

How much does Jack in the Box's breakfast menu cost?

From a quick glance at the Jack in the Box breakfast menu, prices range for each item. For a budget-friendly meal, select dishes are under $5. On the higher end, some options exceed $10.

What is the price range of the breakfast items at Jack in the Box?

Take the budget-friendly Classic Breakfast Jack, priced at less than $5. On the other hand, the Jumbo Platter with bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns comes at about $11.39. These breakfast items offer a fair range, perfect to suit any budget.

Are there any breakfast deals or specials at Jack in the Box?

Yes, there are. Jack in the Box also caters to those craving value meals. For a deal, try the Grande Sausage Breakfast burrito combo that costs around $5 to $7. Or, treat yourself to a supreme croissant combo, priced between $4 and $6. These deals include a main menu item, a side, and a drink, making them a bang for your buck.

Always remember, pricing varies by location. So, it's wise to check the specific prices on the Jack in the Box official site, or at your nearest branch for the most precise breakfast menu prices.

"Jack in the Box breakfast menu prices with nutritional details."

What are the nutritional details of the breakfast menu at Jack in the Box?

Let's get into the nutritional details of Jack in the Box's breakfast dishes.

How many calories are in the various breakfast items at Jack in the Box?

You might wonder about the number of calories in Jack in the Box's breakfast menu. For instance, in the breakfast platter, there are different calorie counts depending on the size and items included. A regular breakfast platter has about 640 to 670 calories, and a jumbo breakfast platter can range from 650 to 700 calories. As for the breakfast sandwiches, they typically range from 350 to 500 calories.

Are there any healthier or lighter breakfast options at Jack in the Box?

Good news if you want a lighter breakfast! Jack in the Box also offers healthier options. For those watching their intake, there are breakfast items with lower calorie counts. It's all about using the nutritional information provided to make wise choices. Missteps can be avoided by ordering wisely. Even a jumbo morning dish can be part of a balanced diet when shared with someone else. Do check out their nutritional guide for complete details.

From a flavorful breakfast platter to an energizing sandwich, there's something for everyone at Jack in the Box. Remember, knowledge about nutrition can help us make smart decisions without sacrificing taste. Happy ordering!

What are the breakfast hours at Jack in the Box?

Breakfast lovers, take note! Unlike many fast-food joints, Jack in the Box does not limit breakfast to the early hours of the day. Most locations serve breakfast 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy your favourite breakfast items whenever the mood strikes. Just check the site to confirm your local store's hours.

What hours does Jack in the Box serve breakfast?

If you are craving breakfast food at an odd hour, Jack in the Box might be your best bet. Most of their outlets offer breakfast all day, so you will not be tied to conventional morning hours. Take a bite of their delightful croissants or indulge in a hearty breakfast burrito any time of the day you please! You might want to check breakfast hours near you today for the most accurate information.

Are there any locations that offer all-day breakfast?

Yes, indeed! Jack in the Box outlets are famous for their all-day breakfast service. Whether you reside in sunny California or elsewhere in the US, you can satisfy your breakfast cravings no matter the time. However, please note that some locations might serve breakfast from 10.30 AM to 11.00 AM only, so always worth it to give a quick call or check their website to confirm! Regardless, Jack in the Box is definitely at your service when your stomach rumbles for a breakfast meal.

In summary, the next time you find yourself yearning for breakfast items outside of the typical breakfast hours, remember that Jack in the Box got you covered! Their diverse selection of breakfast, including their famous sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and mini pancakes, are available all day long at most locations.

"Jack in the Box breakfast menu prices with hours"

What drinks and sides are available with the breakfast menu at Jack in the Box?

Brightening up a morning, or that midnight snack craving, takes more than just a main course – it's all about the sides and drinks! At Jack in the Box, with your favorite breakfast item, you can pair up some 'scrumdidlyumptious' extras.

What drinks are available to order with breakfast?

Of course, no breakfast is complete without the perfect sippable partner. Jack in the Box offers a variety of thirst quenchers to go along with their breakfast offerings. From the classic coffee to kickstart your day, energy-filled Red Bull, or the crispy, fizzy Coca-Cola, there's something to match every type of breakfast meal. Enjoy a dose of fruity fun with their Simply Orange if you prefer a more natural, refreshing start to your day.

What sides are offered with the breakfast items at Jack in the Box?

How about a side to round out that breakfast meal? Jack in the Box offers several tasty options. Their Hash Browns, a breakfast staple, are a golden, crispy delight. Craving for that familiar potato goodness in a different form? French Fries and Curly Fries are a great pick. For those who like a bit of variety, the Side Salad delivers a refreshing health kick with a mix of greens and veggies. Craving a crunch? Go for the Onion Rings – fried to a heavenly crisp yet retaining that juicy onion goodness inside.

With such a wide variety of drinks and sides available, the breakfast menu at Jack in the Box ensures every meal is a fulfilling one from start to finish. You can mix and match these extras with the offerings from the breakfast menu to create your perfect meal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jack in the Box’s breakfast menu

When it comes to the Jack in the Box breakfast menu, some questions arise quite frequently.

What are some of the frequently asked questions about Jack in the Box's breakfast menu?

Common queries include the ingredients used in their breakfast items, the availability of biscuits and gravy, and the breakfast burrito options. The beloved Jack's breakfast sandwiches are made from fresh ingredients, including eggs, certified bacon, and premium quality sausages. Their breakfast burritos range from the hearty Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito to the filling Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito. And yes, for the fans of biscuits and gravy, they're offered, too.

What ingredients are in the Jack in the Box breakfast items?

With a menu full of options, I often get asked what goes into Jack's breakfast units. Every sandwich and burrito is made using eggs, cheese, and a choice of sausage, bacon, or ham. Looking at their website, their Jack's Mini Pancakes are made from wheat flour, sugar, and eggs served with syrup or molasses here.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options on the breakfast menu at Jack in the Box?

While Jack's menu is dominated by their meat-loaded breakfast items, they do offer a few vegetarian options. The Mini Pancakes and Hash Browns can fit into a vegetarian diet. For those on a vegan diet, the options are, unfortunately, rather limited. However, their seasoned curly fries (served all day) can work as an option in a pinch.

We've explored the vast breakfast menu at Jack in the Box. From classic items to all-day options, there's something for every palate. We've also covered the price range and deals, giving your wallet a heads up. Nutrition details were not left out to ensure your health needs are met. We've also discussed breakfast hours and drinks and sides available. With this guide, you have all you need to enjoy a great breakfast at Jack in the Box. Keep exploring and enjoy your meals!