Craving a Jack in the Box breakfast sandwich? You're in the right spot. This guide is your key to mastering their breakfast menu. We'll dive into when and where you can grab these tasty bites. Plus, we explore the menu, from prices to nutrition. Want to make your own version at home? We've got you covered. And don't miss out on finding the best deals to save some cash. Let's get started on this flavor-packed journey.


  • Jack in the Box serves breakfast all day, starting as early as 6 AM, with hours varying by location.
  • Breakfast menu features combos including the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich with eggs, ham, bacon, and cheese.
  • Make your own Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich at home using eggs, cheese, ham, bacon, and a hamburger bun, or a healthier sourdough option.
  • Find daily breakfast deals online with additional savings through the app and by checking for local offers.

"Delicious Jack in the Box Breakfast Sandwich on the menu."

When Does Jack in the Box Serve Breakfast?

Understanding Jack in the Box Breakfast Hours

Jack in the Box serves breakfast early from 6 AM. Most days, they wrap up by 10:30 AM. Yet, times can differ by location. It's best to check at a nearby store for exact times.

All-Day Breakfast Options at Jack in the Box

Does Jack in the Box serve breakfast all day? Yes, they do. You can enjoy tasty items like sandwiches and tacos any time. This choice helps if you love breakfast for dinner. Use their store locator to find hours near you. No matter if it's morning in California or night elsewhere, breakfast fans are in luck!

What's on the Jack in the Box Breakfast Menu?

Explore the Breakfast Combo Offers

Jack in the Box offers varied breakfast combos to start your day. Each combo comes with a main item, hash browns, and a choice of coffee or drink. The prices of these combos may change based on your location.

Highlighting the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

One top pick on the Jack in the Box breakfast menu is the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich. It stacks two large eggs, ham, bacon, and American cheese, all between toasted sourdough slices. This sandwich is perfect for those who crave a hearty meal.

Nutrition Facts for a Healthier Breakfast Choice

For those watching their diet, the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich weighs in with notable figures. It contains 500 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 32 grams of protein. This makes it a substantial option that carries a solid energy punch while also helping with hunger control throughout the morning.

On the whole, the Jack in the Box breakfast menu is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs, offering you both delicious and hearty options to kick-start your morning right.

Homemade Jack in the Box breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, and sausage.

How to Make Your Own Jack in the Box Breakfast Sandwich

Recipe for A Homemade Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

To make this tasty sandwich, you need these items:

First, heat your pan over medium heat. Crack the eggs into the pan. Cook until eggs are firm. You can flip for over-easy eggs. Place the cooked eggs on the bottom half of the bun.

Layer the cheese on the eggs while they're hot. It melts the cheese. Next, add the ham and bacon on top. Close with the top bun. Your breakfast sandwich is ready to enjoy!

The Secret to the Perfect Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich

Start with these:

Cook the egg in a very hot pan until the edges are brown. This gives flavor. Add the cooked egg to one slice of your toasted sourdough. Put the cheese on the egg so it gets melty.

Put turkey bacon, tomato, and lettuce on top. Crown with another bread slice. This makes your sandwich crunchy and yummy.

Jack in the Box Breakfast Deals and How to Find Them

Today's Breakfast Specials and Where to Get Them

Curious about today's Jack in the Box breakfast specials? I have the scoop! Just head to their deals page. Here, you'll find all the best deals for today. This place updates its offers often. So keep an eye out every day!

Tips for Maximizing Your Breakfast Value

Want to get the most out of your meal? Follow these simple tips:

  1. Check Often: Visit their deals page often. They update it with new specials regularly.
  2. Early Hours: Sometimes, special offers are given during early morning hours.
  3. App Perks: Use the Jack in the Box app. It has exclusive deals and sometimes you can snag a discount.
  4. Local Deals: Some deals vary by location. Search for your closest spot to see specific offers.
  5. Dollar Menu: Don’t miss out on the breakfast dollar menu. It’s both yummy and kind to your wallet.

Follow these tips and enjoy a tasty, budget-friendly start to your day!

In this post, we dived into Jack in the Box's breakfast hours, menu, and deals. We learned when and where to get our breakfast fix, explored tasty menu items, and shared a recipe to make your own. Plus, we looked at how to snag the best deals. Remember, a great day starts with a great breakfast. Let's make ours count with Jack in the Box.