Ready to shake up your morning routine with a Subway breakfast sandwich? Let's dive into what's on offer. From their opening hours to a deep dive into their menu, we'll explore all the tasty options. Learn about the nutritious benefits of each sandwich and get the inside scoop from fellow foodies. Whether you're seeking variety, convenience, or simply aiming to satisfy your morning hunger, this guide has got you covered. Let's embark on this delicious journey together.


  • Subway starts breakfast at 7 AM, ends at 11 AM; times may change on holidays.
  • Breakfast menu includes four main sandwiches, with Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese highlighted as a favorite.
  • Offers vary by location, with deals on combos occasionally available.
  • Nutritional value depends on sandwich choice; customization is encouraged for a balanced diet.
  • Overall, the Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese sandwich wins for taste and texture among the offerings.

Image alt text: A variety of delicious Subway breakfast sandwiches to choose from for a satisfying meal.

What Are Subway's Breakfast Opening Hours Across Different Locations?

When Does Subway Start Serving Breakfast?

Subway starts its breakfast at 7 AM at most spots. Not all shops open then, so check your local one. This early start lets you grab a meal on your way.

Does Subway Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Subway does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast ends at 11 AM. You must order by then to enjoy their morning menu.

What Are the Subway Holiday Breakfast Hours?

On holidays, Subway hours might change. Some places may open later or close earlier. It's best to look up or call ahead during the holiday season. This ensures you won't miss out on breakfast due to special hours.

Discovering Subway's Breakfast Menu: What Are Your Options?

What Is Included In The Subway Breakfast Menu?

Subway's breakfast menu has four main sandwiches. You can choose from Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese; steak, egg, and cheese; bacon, egg, and cheese; or just egg and cheese. Each comes with your pick of bread and veggies.

Exploring the Variety of Subway Breakfast Sandwiches

The Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese sandwich wins for best taste. It has a sweet touch and feels good to chew. But, the steak, egg, and cheese might let you down because the meat can be tough and fatty. If you like bacon, the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is okay but could taste too salted. The plain egg and cheese is fine by itself but gets better with extra toppings added.

Special Breakfast Combos and Deals: What to Look Out For?

Some Subway outlets offer breakfast deals or combos. You might find a special price for a sandwich and a drink or a side. These offers change, so it's best to check what's up at your local Subway. They can give your morning meal a nice boost, especially if you have a favorite among the breakfast options.

Each sandwich has its fans and points for improvement. Yet, the Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese stand out as a likely reorder for its unique flavor mix and texture. Remember, Subway lets you customize your breakfast, so feel free to get creative with your choices!

Alt text: Nutritional breakdown of Subway breakfast sandwiches, featuring a delicious subway breakfast sandwich.

Breaking Down the Nutritional Value of Subway's Breakfast Sandwiches

How Many Calories Are In Your Favorite Subway Breakfast Sandwich?

Subway breakfast sandwiches range in calories. The ham, egg, and cheese has fewer calories. The steak, egg, and cheese has more. You pick what fits your diet.

Ingredients and Health Benefits: Making Informed Choices

What goes into these sandwiches? Eggs, meat like ham or steak, and cheese. Add veggies for more health perks. Each choice impacts your meal's health value.

Customizing Your Subway Breakfast for a Balanced Diet

You can make your Subway breakfast fit your diet goals. Add more veggies and pick whole grain for a healthier start to your day.

Subway's breakfast sandwiches come in various options. The Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese is my top pick for its flavor and texture. I found the steak, egg, and cheese lacking due to its chewy meat. The bacon, egg, and cheese too salty for my liking. But, with some extra toppings, the egg and cheese can still shine. For a sweet and smooth option, I'd go back for the ham, egg, and cheese. It's all about making smart choices to match your taste and health goals.

Subway's Breakfast Sandwiches Through The Eyes of A Foodie

The Best and Worst of Subway's Breakfast Sandwiches: A Food Blogger's Take

As a food lover, I tried all four of Subway's breakfast sandwiches. Let me share what I found. The Black Forest-ham, egg, and cheese is the star. It has a great mix of tastes. The steak, egg, and cheese was a let-down. The meat was tough and had too much fat. The bacon, egg, and cheese tasted too salty for my liking. But not all was lost. The egg and cheese was okay. Yet, it would shine with more toppings.

Consumer Favorites and Why They Stand Out

Many folks agree – the Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese takes the crown. Its sweet touch and nice feel make it a winner. People also say the egg and cheese is good if you add extras. The bacon, egg, and cheese? It's hit or miss, depending on your taste for salt.

Comparing Subway's Breakfast Sandwich Options: Value for Money and Taste

For value and flavor, the Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese leads. It offers a lovely bite without emptying your wallet. On the other side, the steak, egg, and cheese might not be worth the cash. It's pricy for what you get. The bacon, egg, and cheese and the egg and cheese stand in the middle. They can work if you tweak them a bit.

In short, if I had to pick just one to enjoy again, it's the Black Forest ham, egg, and cheese. Its unique taste and good texture make it stand out.

We dove into Subway's breakfast scene, exploring hours, menus, and nutrition. Now you know when to grab a breakfast sandwich, what options you have, and how they fit into a healthy diet. Plus, we shared a foodie's view on the best picks. Remember, a great day starts with a great Subway breakfast. Get out there, try something new, and enjoy every bite.