Craving Tim Hortons for breakfast but not sure when they serve it? I've got you covered with the ultimate guide to Tim Hortons breakfast hours in 2024. Whether you're eyeing a hot coffee and bagel on a chilly Monday morning or a full breakfast spread on a lazy Sunday, knowing the exact hours can save your morning. Let's dive into the specifics, including weekday and weekend timings, so you never miss out on your breakfast favorites again.


  • Tim Hortons serves breakfast all day starting from 06:00 am every day, including weekends and holidays.
  • They expanded their breakfast hours in 2024 due to popular demand.
  • Breakfast menu offers a variety of sandwiches, bagels, wraps, and Timbits, available anytime until closing.
  • You can order online or through the Tim Hortons app, with delivery options available via DoorDash.
  • The breakfast menu includes both hearty and healthy options, which can be ordered any time of the day.

Image of Tim Hortons breakfast menu, featuring items available during breakfast hours.

What Are Tim Hortons Breakfast Hours in 2024?

Understanding Tim Hortons’ All-Day Breakfast Menu

Tim Hortons now serves breakfast all day. They start at 06:00 am every day. Before 2024, breakfast times were from 06:00 am to 10:00 am. The change came from a lot of people asking for it. People love their breakfast food and coffee so much!

Tim Hortons’ Breakfast Hours: Weekdays vs Weekends

Tim Hortons stands out because it keeps the same breakfast hours every day. That means on Saturdays and Sundays too. This is different from other places like McDonald's or Burger King. Most Tim Hortons close at 10:00 pm, so the breakfast menu is available until then.

Special Hours: How Tim Hortons Serves Breakfast During Holidays

On holidays, you can still get breakfast at Tim Hortons. Yep, their hours don’t change, even on big days. This means you can enjoy your favorite breakfast items any day of the year.

Tim Hortons' breakfast menu has a lot of choices. They offer sandwiches, bagels, wraps, and more. You can pick sausage and add bacon, cheese, and egg to make it taste great. And yes, you can order these sandwiches any time until the shop closes.

For those on the go, you can order online or use the Tim Hortons app. They also work with services like DoorDash for home delivery. Plus, Timbits are available all day for a sweet treat with your meal.

What Can You Find on Tim Hortons Breakfast Menu?

The Variety of Breakfast Sandwiches at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons serves a lot of tasty things to start your day. You can choose from different kinds of breakfast sandwiches. Think of eggs, cheese, and either sausage or bacon. They put all this in a biscuit, bagel, or muffin. So good!

Healthy Breakfast Options: Nutritional Information

If you look for something light, don't worry. They got things like oatmeal, bagels, and wraps too. You can check how many calories are in each food. This helps if you keep track of what you eat.

Tim Hortons now serves breakfast any time they are open. That's right! From 06:00 am to when they close. Before 2024, you could only get breakfast in the morning.

People loved their breakfast and coffee so much that Tim Hortons decided to offer it all day. This is great news for those of us who wake up late or crave breakfast for dinner.

On weekends, the hours are the same. This is nice because some places change their times on Saturdays and Sundays.

Even on holidays, you can enjoy your favorite breakfast. They keep the hours the same. So, you can always get your breakfast fix, no matter the day.

For more choices and prices, check out their breakfast menu.

You can also order online or with the Tim Hortons app. This makes it super easy to get your breakfast. They even deliver with help from places like DoorDash.

And yes, you can get Timbits all day. Who doesn't love those little doughnut bites?

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How To Order and Enjoy Tim Hortons Breakfast?

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Breakfast Online

Ordering Tim Hortons breakfast online is easy and quick. First, head to their website or open the Tim Hortons app. If you haven't yet, download the app from your phone's app store. Once in, find the breakfast menu. Here, you can see all they offer for breakfast. Pick what you like. You can go for the famous breakfast sandwiches or maybe a bagel. Once you've made your picks, choose if you want to pick it up or have it delivered. If you pick delivery, fill in your address. Then, pay online. That's it! Wait for your breakfast to reach you or go get it at the time you chose.

Making the Most of Tim Hortons App for Breakfast Orders

The Tim Hortons app is not just for ordering. It's full of deals and ways to order faster. When you use the app, you can save your favorites. This means you can re-order your most-liked breakfasts in just a few clicks next time. Also, the app shows you all the new items and deals first. You might find a new breakfast favorite or a great deal on your usual order! Plus, each order earns you points. Save these points to get free items in the future. Always check the app before you order. You might catch a good deal!

Remember, Tim Hortons now serves breakfast all day. So, you can enjoy your breakfast favorites anytime you want. Whether you're an early bird or love breakfast for dinner, Tim Hortons has you covered. Order through their website or app, sit back, and enjoy a delicious breakfast whenever you crave it.

When Does Tim Hortons Stop Serving Breakfast?

Deciphering Tim Hortons Breakfast Service Hours

Tim Hortons now offers breakfast all day. They start at 06:00 am. This move came from people really liking their breakfast and coffee. Now, you don't need to rush! Any time you walk in, breakfast awaits.

The Transition from Breakfast to Lunch at Tim Hortons

Unlike places that switch menus, Tim Hortons keeps serving breakfast. Even after 11 am, you can get your favorite breakfast items. This makes it great for late risers or anytime cravings. They offer this every day, even on holidays. So next time you want breakfast at dinner, Tim Hortons has you covered.

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FAQs About Tim Hortons’ Breakfast Service

Understanding the 24-Hour Breakfast Service

Tim Hortons does not offer 24-hour breakfast. They serve breakfast all day from when they open until close. This change happened due to folks loving their breakfast and coffee so much. Before 2024, their breakfast time used to end at 10:00 am. Now, no matter the day, you can enjoy breakfast items like sandwiches, bagels, or Timbits any time.

Common Queries About Tim Hortons’ Breakfast Items and Availability

Does Tim Hortons serve Timbits in the morning?
Yes, they do. You can get Timbits all day.

Folks often ask if Tim Hortons has biscuits. Yes, they have biscuits. You can enjoy them with breakfast sandwiches, which are available all day. These sandwiches let you pick your favorite meat like sausage, add bacon, cheese, and egg, all wrapped in either a biscuit, bagel, or muffin.

Tim Hortons breakfast timing now goes from 06:00 am until the shop shuts. This schedule is the same even on holidays. So, if you’re craving a breakfast sandwich at 8:00 pm, Tim Hortons has got you covered.

They also make ordering easy. You can order online or use their app. For those who love staying in, they’ve got delivery options through partners like DoorDash. This makes enjoying Tim Hortons breakfast at home super simple.

We covered Tim Hortons breakfast hours, menu, ordering tips, and FAQs. Remember, knowing when and what to order makes mornings better. Enjoy your breakfast adventure!