Craving a Del Taco breakfast but unsure of their serving hours? Say no more! Our comprehensive review will clarify not only when Del Taco stops serving breakfast, but also what tasty treats await you on their menu. Let's dive in and satisfy your morning hunger pangs with knowledge!


  • Del Taco serves breakfast from 6 to 11 A.M including weekends, although hours may vary by location.
  • The menu features items including Egg & Cheese Breakfast Toasted Wrap and Hashbrown Sticks. Del Taco also offers a breakfast menu all day.
  • Compared to Taco Bell, Del Taco's pricing and menu choices are similar, but use slightly more premium ingredients.
  • Coupons and promos for Del Taco are possible through their website, including current 2 for $4 breakfast burritos and a value menu.
  • Health-conscious customers can find varying options, with downloadable nutritional information on their website for informed choices.

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When does Del Taco stop serving breakfast?

Do you fancy a hearty breakfast at Del Taco? Wondering what time does Del Taco stop serving breakfast? Well, you are in luck. Del Taco serves breakfast till 11 A.M. Now you can actually catch some more sleep and still not miss out on your favorite Del Taco breakfast.

What are the general breakfast hours?

As early birds, Del Taco starts doling out their tasty breakfasts from 6 A.M. So, for all you early risers, 'rise and shine' with a delicious start to your day at Del Taco. They continue serving breakfast until 11 A.M, thus providing ample time to grab your favorite bite.

Do hours change on weekends?

Surprisingly, Del Taco does not play by the 'weekend rules' mantra. Unlike many restaurants that extend their breakfast hours over the weekend, Del Taco maintains a constant routine. So, whether it’s the weekend or a weekday, Del Taco breakfast hours remain the same, from 6 to 11 A.M.

Do different locations have different breakfast hours?

Despite being a chain, Del Taco does consider the local crowd. Depending on the location and customer influx, business hours may vary. Your best bet is to check the Del Taco Breakfast hours near you for a timely meal. Checking ahead will save you the disappointment of a closed outlet and ensure a mouth-watering breakfast every time!

With these handy tips, you can make the best of Del Taco breakfast hours. So enjoy a hot and fresh Del Taco breakfast today!

What's on the Del Taco breakfast menu?

Bite into a delightful morning with the crave-worthy collection from the Del Taco breakfast menu.

Among the shining stars of the Del Taco breakfast menu are the Egg & Cheese Breakfast Toasted Wrap, priced at $1.39, and the Hashbrown Sticks, which come in 5pc at $1 and 8pc at $1.50. Epic Scrambler Burritos are a hefty option with a $4.75 price tag. Sipping on premium shakes or fresh orange juice, each for $2.49, makes the morning brighter.

Let's now quench your curiosity, "Do they serve breakfast all day?".

Do they serve breakfast all day?

Worry not, extreme breakfast lovers. Del Taco breakfast menu comes to rescue with all-day service. Now your morning can be any time of the day!

Time to bring in comparison with Taco Bell's.

How does the menu compare to Taco Bell's breakfast menu?

When put head to head, Del Taco holds its own against its rival, Taco Bell. With a similar variety, Del Taco brings slightly more premium ingredients into play, making it stand out. But variety is the spice of life, so why not give yourself the freedom of code-switching between menus?

Remember, the essence of a filling breakfast menu is variety. Del Taco offers this for a great start to the day, any time of the day. From reasonably priced wraps to scrumptious sides, be it a quick run or a leisurely morning, they've got you covered. If you're feeling adventurous, dare to compare with Taco Bell's and decide your breakfast champion. With all-day service, the possibilities are endless. So, get your decision pants on and seize the morning!

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Any special deals or promos on Del Taco's breakfast menu?

Del Taco, known for its variety and budget-friendly options, frequently offers deals and promotions on their breakfast items, adding more reasons to get out of bed.

What are the breakfast deals currently available?

Presently, Del Taco runs a 2 for $4 mix and match deal on breakfast burritos, a steal for those seeking value. This promo allows the flexibility of pairing your favorite breakfast burritos at a cost-effective price! [^1^]

Does Del Taco have a value or dollar menu?

Yes indeed, Del Taco offers a value menu that extends into breakfast hours. For those on a budget, their value menu includes items starting at just $1. A favorite being 'The 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burrito', providing a filling meal at an incredibly minimal cost.

Can you find special promos or coupons for breakfast items?

One great way to learn about special promos is to register on the Del Taco website. By signing up, you can be the first to know about any upcoming breakfast item deals, promos, and coupons, so you never miss out on their delicious food at a discounted price!

[^1^]: Del Taco offers may vary by location and are subject to change. Please check your local restaurant for the most accurate offerings.
[^1^]: Del Taco Menu

How is Del Taco Breakfast's nutritional value?

If you're mindful about your health, you might be curious about the Del Taco menu nutrition info. Like any fast-food joint, you're definitely going to come across both healthier and more indulgent options on the breakfast menu.

Is the breakfast menu healthy?

The answer truly depends on your choice. There are items like the Egg & Cheese Breakfast Roller that are lower in calories and fat. However, there are also high-calorie options such as the Epic Scrambler. As a rule of thumb, keep an eye on the portion size and balance!

Where can you find nutritional information for the breakfast menu?

Luckily, they make it easy for you. You can download the Del Taco menu nutrition pdf from their official website. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of each item's nutritional profile, making it simpler for you to make an informed choice.

How does Del Taco's breakfast nutrition compare to Taco Bell's?

Often, we hear the Taco Bell menu nutrition being compared with Del Taco's. In general, their offerings are quite similar. Some items at Del Taco can be higher in calories, while others are on the lower end. Your best bet is to go through the nutritional guides of both and choose according to your dietary needs.

Remember, breakfast is an important meal. Whatever you choose, ensure it’s something that provides the energy you need to kick-start your day. The power is really in your hands!

In this post, we've explored Del Taco breakfast hours and how they vary. We've also delved into their breakfast menu, comparing it to Taco Bell's. We highlighted the special deals available and assessed the menu's nutritional value. Remember, a balanced breakfast is key to starting your day right. Enjoy your next meal at Del Taco!