Craving a Burger King breakfast but unsure when you can get one? We've got you covered! In this guide, we'll unravel the mystery of Burger King breakfast hours, compare them with other fast-food giants, and even delve into their menu options. Whether you're an early bird or a late riser, this guide will help you plan your Burger King breakfast run perfectly. Read on for a feast of information!


  • Breakfast Hours: Burger King breakfast starts as early as 5 am or 6 am, differing based on location and day. It serves until 10:45 am, later than most competitors.

  • Menu: Popular items include the 'Croissan'wich', 'French Toast Sticks', 'Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit', and 'Egg-normous Burrito'. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.

  • Pricing: Cost ranges from $1 to $8, with meal combos providing value-for-money choices, and a Value Menu for budget-friendly options.

  • Nutritional Information: Burger King provides detailed nutrition information on their website. Options are available for different dietary needs.

Image showing various options available during Burger King breakfast hours.

What Are the Specific Hours for Breakfast at Burger King?

The specific hours for breakfast at Burger King may vary by location, time of the week, and even certain holidays. Let's take a closer look.

Does Breakfast Hours Vary by Location?

Indeed, Burger King breakfast hours can vary by location. Typically, most Burger King outlets begin serving breakfast at 6 am. However, certain locations, especially those in bustling city-centers or airports, might start as early as 5 am.

Are There Different Hours on Weekends and Weekdays?

Yes, different branches might alter their Burger King breakfast hours on weekends. While weekday timings mostly start at 6 am, some outlets choose to offer a leisurely start during weekends, beginning their breakfast service at 7 am. Always remember to double-check these timings with your local outlet.

How Do Burger King's Breakfast Hours Compare with Competitors?

Comparatively speaking, Burger King's breakfast hours fare well against its competitors. While exact timings might differ, most fast-food chains, including major players, wrap up their breakfast service around 10:30 am. Burger King stays ahead of the curve by serving breakfast until 10:45 am, giving late risers a slightly extended window to enjoy their morning favorites. For more detailed comparisons, it's worth checking out Parade and USA Today. However, always remember, timings may undergo changes during holidays or special occasions, so it's best to confirm with your local outlet before you head out for your dose of breakfast deliciousness.

Remember, nothing sets the tone for a productive day better than a hearty breakfast. No matter what your preferences are, don't miss out on starting your day the Burger King way!

What Are the Different Options on the Burger King Breakfast Menu?

Burger King's breakfast menu is a morning treat. Let's dive into their selection!

The most popular items on the Burger King breakfast menu are the 'Croissan'wich', and the 'French Toast Sticks'. The 'Croissan'wich' packs egg, meat, and cheese inside a buttery croissant. Besides, the 'French Toast Sticks', served with a sweet syrup, are a joy for sweet-tooth patrons.

Next, we have the 'Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit' for a classic American breakfast taste. If you're in the mood for a lighter item, choose the 'Egg-normous Burrito', filled with eggs, sausage, cheese, and a surprise of fresh veggies.

Are There Vegetarian Options on the Breakfast Menu?

For sure! Burger King hasn't forgotten our vegetarian friends out there. The 'Egg & Cheese Croissan'wich' is made without meat. Their 'Pancake Platter' is another smart pick, showcasing three fluffy pancakes served with a side of syrup.

Are There Dietary-Restricted Options on the Breakfast Menu?

Special dietary needs are valued at Burger King. They propose a 'Gluten-Free' menu. Plus, their 'Oatmeal' is a stellar option for anyone looking to keep their breakfast low in sugar and high in fiber.

So, whether you're craving a classic breakfast sandwich, something sweet, or a healthier option, Burger King's breakfast menu has got you covered from all angles. Now, are you ready to supercharge your morning with these delicious choices?

"Photo of breakfast menu at Burger King, showing prices and hours."

How Much Does a Burger King Breakfast Cost?

The cost of your morning meal at Burger King can vary depending on what you order.

You can spend anywhere from $1 to $8 on breakfast items. Let's dig into the specifics. Their delicious Breakfast Burrito Jr, for example, flutters at a low cost of around $1. The satisfying fully loaded Croissan'wich Meal is an absolute delight for the taste buds, priced around $5-$7, depending on the options you choose. Of course, for the bigger appetites, BK's King Breakfast, that satisfies even the most ravenous of hunger, comes at a slightly higher cost of $6-$8.

Are There Any Meal Combos or Deals?

If you are thinking of having your breakfast at Burger King regularly, make note of their breakfast deals. Meal combos, a lifesaver for those who seeks variety, are available providing value-for-money options. These combos range from $3 to $5 and typically include a breakfast sandwich, side, and drink.

How to Enjoy Burger King Breakfast on a Budget?

Eating breakfast at Burger King on a budget is fairly easy with their Value Menu. Here, you get several options at a lower cost, offering you savings while not skimping on the satisfaction of a hearty meal. So whether you're in the mood for fluffy pancakes, a mouth-watering sausage biscuit, or a freshly brewed cup of joe, BK's Value Menu has something to suit everyone's taste buds while being easy on the pocket.

Remember, prices can vary by location and applicable taxes. But, with Burger King breakfast, you're always in for a royal treat that doesn't break the bank!

What Is the Nutritional Value of Breakfast Items at Burger King?

So, you're curious about how many calories are in your favorite Burger King breakfast items, right? Well, I've got good news for you. Burger King is upfront about the nutritional value of their breakfast offerings. For instance, one of their most loved items, the Egg-normous Burrito packs a hefty 810 calories. Craving something on the lighter side? Maybe the Egg and Cheese Croissan'wich with only 340 calories could be your ideal breakfast fix.

Now, let's talk nutrition. Burger King ensures their customers stay well informed about the nutritional content of their food. All essential nutritional data, such as fat, sodium, and dietary fiber rates, are available on their website and in their restaurants.

Quality and freshness in Burger King's breakfast menu is not a taken lightly. The chain has strict quality assurance procedures in place to guarantee freshness. They source their ingredients from certified suppliers, making sure that all eggs, meat, vegetables, and other products meet their quality standards.

For health-conscious foodies, Burger King's breakfast isn't off-limits! There are plenty of options to choose from. Their Quaker Oatmeal (Maple and Brown Sugar flavor) is only 170 calories and provides a good amount of fiber to kickstart your day.

Remember, you can always customize your order to suit your dietary needs and preferences. Enjoy your breakfast with the confidence that you're making a well-informed decision!

We've covered the ins and outs of Burger King's breakfast hours, menu options, prices, and nutritional facts. You're now equipped with the knowledge to enjoy a delicious, convenient, and budget-friendly breakfast at Burger King, no matter your location or dietary needs. With this information, you can start your day off right, whether you're craving a classic item or looking to try something new. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it count!