Looking for the best Burger King breakfast specials? You're in the right spot. I'll show you how to enjoy top deals, save money, and find tasty options. We'll dive into $5 bundles, compare deals, and uncover how to grab the latest offers. Plus, I'll guide you on when and where to get these breakfast treats. Ready for a feast without the fuss? Let's get started on making your mornings better with Burger King.


  • Burger King introduces three $5 breakfast bundles available until April 7 for Royal Perks members; includes options like biscuits, croissan'wich, French toast sticks, and beverages.
  • $5 deals are slightly pricier compared to McDonald's upcoming under $4 meals but aimed at providing value.
  • Breakfast hours run from 6 AM to 10:30 AM; check local times for variations.
  • Use the Burger King app or website for the latest deals and to order.
  • New menu items include Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap and Fiery Nuggets, plus a Kung Fu Panda 4 themed ice cream sundae.
  • Maximizing savings through the Burger King app and breakfast coupons is recommended.

Image of Burger King breakfast specials menu with text "When Can You Get Breakfast"

What Are the Current Burger King Breakfast Specials?

Overview of Burger King's $5 Breakfast Bundles

Burger King now has three new $5 breakfast bundles. These deals can change based on where you are. You can order these bundles by using the Burger King app or their website. But, you need to be a Royal Perks member to get them. These offers are available until April 7 during breakfast hours.

The first option is the Awesome A.M. Bundle. Here, you can pick from four biscuit choices. This bundle also comes with a bottle of Simply Orange Juice. Next, the Morning Grindset Bundle lets you choose a type of croissan'wich and includes a large hot coffee. The last bundle, the Best of BK, has a croissan'wich, French toast sticks, and hash browns.

Comparing Burger King's Breakfast Deals with Competitors

Compared to McDonald's, Burger King's deals are a bit pricier. McDonald's plans to boost their bundle promotions in 2024, with 90% of their meals priced under $4. Burger King's move to offer these $5 bundles seems to be a way to keep up with rising prices while giving good value to customers.

How to Find the Latest Breakfast Offers at Burger King

The easiest way to find current breakfast specials at Burger King is by frequently checking their official app or website. These platforms often update with the latest deals and promotions. Also, signing up for Royal Perks could grant you access to exclusive deals not available to non-members.

When Can You Get Breakfast at Burger King?

Understanding Burger King's Breakfast Hours

I know my mornings can get hectic in no time! That's where Burger King steps in. You can grab breakfast at most Burger King spots from as early as 6 AM to 10:30 AM. Yet, it's smart to check local times. Each Burger King might change these times a bit.

Want those hours in a snap? Just click on Burger King and find out fast!

How to Locate Burger King Stores Serving Breakfast Near You

Finding a Burger King near you with breakfast? Easy! Most phones have a GPS map. Type "Burger King near me breakfast hours," and there you go! Or better yet, use the Burger King site. It shows which places around you are ready to serve up a tasty breakfast.

Now, about those new $5 bundles they offer? They've got three types: Awesome A.M., Morning Grindset, and Best of BK. Each comes with different treats like biscuit options or French toast sticks. You need their app or website to order these, but only if you are a Royal Perks member. Remember, this cool deal runs till April 7. So why wait when you can start your day right with a quick, budget-friendly bite at Burger King?

"Discover Burger King breakfast specials with coupons and apps for ultimate savings."

How to Maximize Your Burger King Breakfast Experience with Coupons and Apps?

Tips on Using Breakfast Coupons at Burger King

Finding a good deal starts with knowing where to look. For Burger King, breakfast coupons can be a gold mine. These are often found on the Burger King coupon page. To use them, pull up the coupon on your phone or print it out. Show it when you order. Make sure it hasn't expired. Deals can slash your bill by a lot. It's smart to check often as the offers change.

Here's something cool. Right now, there's a special on Chicken Sausage Croissan'wich. You can grab two for $5. This is good for a tight budget. Check it out here.

The Perks of Ordering Breakfast Through the Burger King App

Using the Burger King app takes out the hassle. With a few taps, order from anywhere. It's perfect when you're in a rush. The app shows all the latest deals. For Royal Perks members, it gets even better. You get access to exclusive deals, like the new $5 breakfast bundles.

What are in these bundles? Choose from options like biscuits or croissan'wich, along with drinks like juice or coffee. They fill you up without emptying your wallet. And remember, these specials are easy to get through the app during breakfast hours. Always until April 7. Starting your day right doesn’t have to be pricey.

What's New on the Burger King Breakfast Menu?

Exploring Newly Introduced Breakfast Items at Burger King

Burger King sure knows how to keep breakfast exciting! They have rolled out three new breakfast bundles priced at just $5. These bundles are a steal but remember, prices might change based on where you are.

First up is the "Awesome A.M. Bundle." It gets you any of four delicious biscuit options. Wash it all down with a bottle of Simply Orange Juice. Pure morning bliss!

Next, we have the "Morning Grindset Bundle." It features your choice of croissan'wich teamed with a large, steaming hot coffee. It's the perfect pick-me-up to start your day strong.

Last but certainly not least is the "Best of BK Bundle." Dive into a croissan'wich, savor some French toast sticks, and crunch on tasty hash browns. This bundle has got it all.

Also, you gotta check out their latest bites on the menu: the fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap and temptingly hot Fiery Nuggets. These are sure to set your taste buds tingling!

Special Breakfast Collaborations: Kung Fu Panda 4 Ice Cream Sundae and More

In an exciting twist, Burger King has also teamed up with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures. They've come out with a super cool treat — the Po's Panda Sundae. Picture this: creamy vanilla soft serve drizzled with rich chocolate syrup, topped off with crunchy Oreo cookie pieces. This sundae is as fun as it sounds!

These new breakfast options and special items are Burger King's way of offering value while keeping things fresh and fun. So, why not swing by and kick start your day the BK way? Check out all the tasty details on this special promo link during Daylight Saving Time.

We just dove into Burger King's breakfast specials, hours, and tips to boost your morning meal game. From $5 bundles to the newest menu items, we covered it all. Remember, using coupons and the BK app can save you big. So, why settle for a dull breakfast when Burger King offers so much variety and value? Keep these tips in mind and make your next breakfast both delicious and affordable.