Craving a hearty breakfast without the hassle? Dive into our guide on Denny's Breakfast Menu with Prices. Get the lowdown on when you can snag your favorites, from the iconic Grand Slam to fluffy pancakes, any time of day. Plus, we'll reveal how to enjoy these delights without breaking the bank. Perfect for busy bees and families on the go, this guide promises culinary satisfaction and nutritious morning routines without compromise. Let's explore Denny's breakfast universe together!


  • Denny's serves breakfast 24/7, catering to all schedules.
  • Popular menu items include the Grand Slam and Moons Over My Hammy, with prices ranging from $6 to $15.
  • All-day breakfast menu offers classics like pancakes and special items like seasoned hash browns.
  • Deals include a $5.99 breakfast special, with additional discounts for seniors and students.
  • Nutritional information is available online for all items, aiding health-conscious diners.
  • Denny's competes well with other chains, offering variety, value, and widespread locations.
  • Features exclusive and limited-time items, often seasonal, to keep the menu exciting.

Image of Denny's popular breakfast items with prices on the menu.

What Time Does Denny’s Serve Breakfast?

Understanding Denny’s Breakfast Hours Nationwide

Wondering when you can grab breakfast at Denny's? They start early! Denny's serves breakfast 24 hours a day, making it perfect for early birds and night owls alike. Whether it’s dawn or midnight, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast anytime.

Denny's understands your hectic schedule. That's why all their locations offer a breakfast menu round the clock. You can find "Denny's breakfast hours near me" with a quick online search or just head to their website. This flexibility ensures you never miss out on breakfast, no matter your routine.

The Allure of Denny’s All-Day Breakfast Menu

What keeps customers coming back to Denny’s? Their all-day breakfast option! You can order your favorite breakfast dishes any time of the day. Not limited to morning hours, their menu caters to cravings for pancakes at noon or eggs at night.

This all-day breakfast approach meets various needs, from folks working night shifts to those who enjoy breakfast foods for dinner. It’s a comfort knowing you can always settle into a Denny’s booth and order a hot, familiar breakfast, regardless of the hour. Curious about the full range of what Denny's offers? Check their full menu for more delicious options.

The Iconic Denny’s Grand Slam

The Denny's Grand Slam tops the chart. This meal beams with eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage. A visit to Denny's classic breakfasts will fill you in on its popularity. Prices range around $10 to $15, changing with your location and choices. This meal truly mirrors what Denny's aims to offer – hearty and comforting.

A Closer Look at Denny’s Moons Over My Hammy

Another crowd-pleaser is Moons Over My Hammy, a savory sandwich layered with ham, scrambled eggs, and Swiss cheese, all between grilled sourdough. Its name alone pulls people in! Expect to pay about $11 for this tasty choice. It's a unique twist, merging breakfast class with a bit of fun.

Denny’s Pancakes and Other Favorites

No breakfast menu is complete without pancakes, and Denny's serves them up fluffy and light. You can get a stack for just about $8. Also, not to miss are the seasoned hash browns and the zesty breakfast skillets. These items provide a full flavor experience that goes beyond traditional breakfast, making each meal at Denny's a special one.

These popular items showcase why Denny’s holds a firm spot in many hearts for breakfast. Each dish offers taste, comfort, and value – key reasons they've remained favorites among diners everywhere. Remember, while these are highlights, there’s much more to explore and enjoy on the full menu!

"Image of Denny's breakfast menu with prices for popular items."

How Much Do Denny’s Breakfast Items Typically Cost?

Breaking Down Denny’s Menu Prices

Denny's breakfast menu varies in price. These usually start around $6 and can go up to about $15. For instance, a classic such as the Grand Slam ranges from $8 to $12.

Most of the items you find include coffee or a side dish in their price. This combo makes meals such as pancakes and omelets more filling and still under a good budget. You get both quality and quantity on a plate without emptying your wallet.

Affordable Choices: Denny’s Breakfast Meals Under $10

You can enjoy filling meals for under $10 at Denny's. Some great picks include:

Even with a tight budget, Denny’s ensures no guest leaves hungry. The value meals include a variety of tastes. And trust me, the portion sizes are generous! Whether you're up for a hearty or light meal, you have a wallet-friendly meal waiting for you.

If you look at their menu online, you'll see plenty of options below $10. This affordability makes Denny's a family favorite. Next time you're planning a breakfast that won’t break the bank, think Denny’s. Enjoy hearty meals without the hefty price!

Are There Any Deals or Specials for Breakfast at Denny’s?

Today’s Breakfast Specials: Saving at Denny’s

Denny’s offers a $5.99 breakfast special. You can enjoy a filling meal for a low cost. This deal changes often. You can see details on Denny's Signature Breakfasts.

Discovering Senior and Student Discounts

Seniors and students can save money at Denny’s too. Ask about deals that apply to you next time you visit. Bring your ID to get the discount. This makes eating out less pricey for you.

"Image of Denny's breakfast menu with prices, showing deals and specials."

Can You Find Nutritional Information for Denny’s Breakfast Menu?

Yes, you can find detailed nutritional info for Denny's breakfast items. They list this on their menu page. Look under each item to see calories, fat, carbs, and more. This helps you choose meals that fit your health goals. Whether you count calories or need to avoid certain foods, Denny's makes it easy.

Eating out can be a challenge if you watch what you eat. Denny's provides all the facts you need right on their online menu. You can plan your meal before you even step in the door. For guests who focus on heart health or diabetes-friendly diets, this transparency is critical.

Knowing what you eat matters as much as enjoying it. Denny’s commitment to this detail caters to those who need to know. They ensure no one has to guess about what’s in their breakfast. This builds trust with diners who return knowing they can dine in line with their health needs.

Always check the most recent menu online as items and their contents can update. Enjoy your meal without the worry, as Denny's takes care of the details.

How Do Denny’s Breakfast Options Compare to Other Chains?

Comparing Prices and Offerings: Denny's vs Competitors

When you eat at Denny's, you notice some big wins. Their breakfast menu shines with variety and value. For instance, Denny's Grand Slam gives you eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage. This costs less than similar meals at most competing breakfast chains. While competitors might charge more for a full plate, Denny's keeps it hearty and wallet-friendly.

Denny's also rolls out a rich spread of menu options. They serve everything from humble oatmeal to deluxe meat-lover’s plates. This versatility is a major perk over some coffee shops and diners that offer fewer choices. Quick comparison shows that while some chains focus on coffee or light fare, Denny's brings you both variety and full meal options.

On price, Denny’s stays competitive. For instance, a hearty breakfast combo at Denny's can often be more budget-friendly than a similar dish elsewhere. They manage to balance cost without skimping on portion or taste. Furthermore, Denny's introduces new items regularly, keeping their menu fresh and engaging compared to some chains that rarely update their offerings.

Ease of locations is another way Denny's stands out. They are almost everywhere. You can find them off highways, in cities, and even in small towns. This widespread presence beats out specialty café chains that might not be as accessible.

So, when you stack up the breakfast offerings, Denny’s indeed makes a compelling case. It’s not just about the cost but the overall experience, menu diversity, and convenience. They lead in areas others are just catching up to.

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Are There Any Exclusive or Limited-Time Breakfast Items at Denny’s?

Discovering Denny’s Exclusive Breakfast Offerings

Yes, Denny's often features exclusive breakfast items. These special menu items keep things fresh and exciting for patrons. For the latest exclusive items, always check Denny's menu. They bring out new flavors and unique dishes that you might not find at another time. From pumpkin spice pancakes in the fall to peppermint-flavored hot chocolate in winter, these offerings are time-bound and themed to seasonal trends.

Seasonal and Limited-Time Breakfast Specials at Denny’s

Seasonal specials are a big hit at Denny's. They reflect the essence of the season, making your meal feel extra festive. For example, in the fall, you might enjoy a hearty autumn skillet. This delight packs in seasonal veggies and savory meats. It's worth noting that prices for these items can vary. They usually depend on the ingredients and the complexity of the dish. To stay updated on how much these seasonal delights might cost, it’s best to check their official site linked earlier. Here you can find not only the latest prices but also descriptions of the dishes. This ensures that before you visit, you know exactly what seasonal treats await you at Denny's.

We covered Denny's breakfast hours, popular menu items, costs, deals, nutritional info, comparisons, and exclusive items. Denny's offers tasty, affordable breakfasts any time. Perfect for those seeking variety and value.