Looking to break your morning monotony with Jack's tantalizing breakfast options? You're in the right place. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of Jack's breakfast menu with prices. From opening hours to breakfast specials, we'll cover everything you need to know to kickstart your day with a delicious, cost-effective, and convenient meal. Ready to explore? Let's dive in!


  • Jack's serves breakfast from 5-10:30 AM, but timings can vary by location.
  • The menu includes classic Southern-styled meals from big breakfast platters with sausage or bacon, to lighter options like bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and individual pancakes.
  • Jack’s breakfast specials offer great value, particularly the 'All-in-One' and 'Jack's Junior' specials.
  • Calorie counts for menu items vary: The Deluxe Breakfast is around 700-720 calories depending on the chosen meat. The Sausage Breakfast Jack has 350 calories, and the Mini Pancakes only have 225 calories.
  • Customers can order Jack's breakfast for on-the-go or delivery through Jack's website or in-person at a nearby location.

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What are the opening hours for breakfast at Jack's?

So, you're a fan of breakfast at Jack's, huh? Glad to meet a fellow enthusiast! Most Jack's restaurants serve breakfast from 5-10:30 AM. But hold up, there's something you need to know. The timetable can shift with geography. Double-check with your nearest Jack's to avoid missing out!

"5 AM?! That's early!" I hear you groan. But consider this—the early bird gets its breakfast fix without much hustle. The laid-back time slot caters to 9-to-5ers, early risers, and all-time foodies.

"Precisely when does the breakfast service wrap up?" I see you're a person of substance who enjoys a leisurely morning. Breakfast time ends generally at 10:30 AM. But remember, time specifics can vary by location.

Before you ask, yes, sadly, all good things must come to an end each day, including Jack's breakfast hours. But don't fret! Their mouthwatering breakfast menu awaits you bright and early the next morning.

Here's a quick recap:

Remember, each Jack's follows these timings in most cases. However, there could be local adjustments. Always verify the hours with your preferred Jack's locale.
Now, savor those breakfast sandwiches, warm biscuits, and zesty wraps! Enjoy!

What does Jack's breakfast menu look like and how much does it cost?

Jack's breakfast menu is a feast for the palate. Think classic Southern-styled meals, think Jack's! You'll find- biscuits slathered with gravy, hearty breakfast platters, and sandwiches bursting with eggs, cheese, and your choice of meat.

What's on the menu? Let's start with Big Breakfast with Sausage ($4.99), Big Breakfast with Bacon ($4.99), Gravy Biscuit ($1.79), and our favorite, Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit ($2.99). For something lighter, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit ($2.99) or Sausage Biscuit ($1.49) can be your pick!

What if you have a sweet tooth? The Pancake Platter ($3.99) has your back with their fluffy pancakes topped with syrup and butter. They also offer individual Pancakes ($1.99) if you are in for a quick bite.

Lastly, but importantly the Hash Browns (Small $1.29, Medium $1.49, Large $1.69) is a must-try; they're golden, crispy, and a perfect side for any breakfast choice.

So, recalibrating those taste buds for a Jack's breakfast yet? Jack's menu prices are friendly on the wallet as you can see, and the spread as good as it gets! For the most recent and detailed menu, check out Jack's breakfast menu.

Now, for the real question! The best-sellers? We bet your guess is as good as ours. The hearty Big Breakfast and the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit are the show-stealers, no doubt! But wait until you've tried the rest. Jack's breakfast menu is not to be hurried. So you start your day with a bang!

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Can you provide details about Jack's breakfast specials?

It's an early morning and you're hungry. You'd love a top-notch meal without an exorbitant price tag. What do you do? Take a trip to Jack's! Offering a wide array of breakfast specials that won't leave your wallet crying, Jack's is a great choice for morning fuel. Several specials cater to different tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone.

First up, let's talk about the 'All-in-One' Breakfast Special (prices may vary). This hearty option includes fluffy eggs, sizzling bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast. Perfect for those with a big appetite! Meanwhile, if you're looking for something a tad lighter, the 'Jack's Junior' special features eggs and toast along with your choice of bacon or sausage. These specials are around the $1-$2 mark, giving you bang for your buck. Find more details here

As you asked, let's pick some customer favorites. The 'All-in-One' seems to reign supreme, with breakfast lovers frequently praising the portion size and value. But, no matter your pick, Jack's is sure to make your morning brighter with these comfort-laden, wallet-friendly breakfast specials. Now, you're well-equipped to start your day off strong! Breakfast has never tasted this good.

Remember, all roads may lead to Rome, but all breakfast dreams lead to Jack's! Now that you are up to speed with Jack's specials, we can only hope your toughest decision will be choosing which delicious option to dive into!

What are the detailed ingredients and calories of Jack's breakfast items?

Let's first take a closer look at Jack's Deluxe Breakfast. This hearty meal consists of two fluffy scrambled eggs, a fresh biscuit, your choice of bacon or sausage, and a helping of creamy, home style gravy ^[1^]. It's a tasty classic that will fuel your day!

The total calorie count for Jack’s Deluxe Breakfast can vary slightly based on your meat choice. If you go with bacon, you can expect around 700 calories. Choose sausage and the count goes up to about 720 calories.

Now, let's move on to the Sausage Breakfast Jack, priced at just $1.99. This simple yet delicious sandwich is made with a warm biscuit, a savory sausage patty, and a perfectly cooked egg. This lighter option comes in at around 350 calories, quite a bit less than the Deluxe Breakfast.

Jack's breakfast menu isn’t all full of heavy hitters. You can find lighter options like the mini pancakes with just about 225 calories. These fluffy delights are served with a side of syrup and sure to capture your taste buds.

I hope this helps you make more informed decisions when dining at Jack's. Just remember, tasty doesn't always mean heavy.

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Can I order Jack's breakfast for on-the-go or delivery and how?

Yes, you can order breakfast items from Jack's for takeaway or delivery. You can place your order either in-person at a Jack's near you, or via their website.

To order Jack's breakfast for on-the-go, here’s what you do:

  1. You first locate a Jack's near you.
  2. Next, you browse the breakfast menu and decide what you'd like. You will find the prices listed for your convenience.
  3. Then you place your order. Pay attention to Jack's lunch menu as well, some items may catch your fancy.
  4. After this, you either pick up your order or wait for it to be delivered.

One item to consider is the Jack in the Box breakfast burrito. The enticing mix of flavors and affordable price make it a top pick.

So when it comes to getting breakfast on the go, Jack's has you covered. Enjoy a range of tasty food options at prices that will put a smile on your face.

Now you know the ins and outs of Jack's breakfast. You've learned when they open and close, what's on the menu, and their prices. We also explored their specials, and looked into healthier options. Remember, Jack's even offers breakfast on-the-go. So, whether you're rushing out the door or enjoying a leisurely morning, Jack's breakfast has something for you. Enjoy!