Ever wondered what makes the Kwik Trip breakfast pizza tick? Join me, your Morning Maverick, as we delve into the unique world of this breakfast delight. We'll dissect its ingredients, preparation, and what sets it apart from the rest. But that's not all! We'll also crunch numbers on its price and calorie content and even guide you on how to whip up your own at home. So, if you're ready for a breakfast adventure, let's hit the road to Kwik Trip!


  • The Kwik Trip breakfast pizza is unique, featuring scrambled eggs, quality ingredients, and a special pizza sauce in its recipe.
  • A slice (1/8th) of the large pizza packs approximately 370 calories.
  • They offer two sizes: medium priced around $8.49 and large around $11.49, prices may vary.
  • The pizzas are available for online order for home cooking, with cooking instructions widely available online.
  • Besides the pizza, Kwik Trip's breakfast menu includes diverse and budget-friendly options meeting various dietary needs, ranging from $1 to $5.
  • There are frequent promotions on their food, including the breakfast pizza.

Iconic Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza with cost and calorie info.

What Makes the Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza Unique?

You might ask, "What's so distinctive about the Kwik Trip breakfast pizza?" What sets it apart from others is its use of high-quality ingredients and its distinctive baking process. Let's delve deeper into its nitty-gritty.

What Ingredients are Used in the Breakfast Pizza?

The Kwik Trip breakfast pizza is a flavorful breakfast dish packed with generous toppings of cheese, eggs, sausage, and bacon layered over a homemade, secret recipe pizza sauce. The toppings can be tweaked as per your preference, but the cheese and specially curated pizza sauce are constant. For an unforgettable taste, try the kwik trip take and bake pizza.

How is the Breakfast Pizza Prepared?

The homemade pizza sauce is first lavishly spread over a fresh dough base. That's followed by a generous layer of cheese. Next, scrambled eggs are evenly spread over the sauce as a unique take on typical pizza ingredients. Finally, your choice of sausage or bacon is added as a topping.

What Differentiates Kwik Trip's Breakfast Pizza From Others?

What makes Kwik Trip's breakfast pizza stand out is its use of scrambled eggs, a staple for many breakfast dishes, but not as common on a pizza. Combine this unexpected element with their signature pizza sauce and you've got a breakfast dish that's anything but standard. The hint of spice in the sauce marries well with the mellow cheese and the eggs, adding to its uniqueness. Do check out their pizza offering for more.

Targeting the breakfast crowd is a clever move by the Kwik Trip. Through this, they bring an exciting twist to their breakfast menu, making your morning meal an experience to savor.

What's the cost and calorie content of the iconic Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza?

Intrigued by the Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza and its appeal? Let's cut to the chase and talk facts. The important part that often pops up before we indulge in our favourite foods: the price and the calories.

What is the price of Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza?

Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizzas come in two sizes: medium and large. Medium pizzas run around $8.49 while large pizzas are priced at $11.49. However, prices can vary depending on location and current in-store promotions.

What is the calorie content of a slice of Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza?

Don’t let the word "breakfast" mislead you. This is a pizza we are talking about. The calorie content is what you'd expect from a pizza. A single slice (1/8 of a large pizza) contains approximately 370 calories, according to CalorieKing.

Are there any special deals on Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza?

To make the deal sweeter, Kwik Trip often runs special promotions on their hot food items, including the breakfast pizza. Specials change daily, so make sure to check their website or in-store signage. It never hurts to ask the cashier as well. A morning fill of delicious, cheesy indulgence and a steal of a deal? Now that's a winning combo!

"Easy steps to make delicious Kwik Trip breakfast pizza at home!"

How can you cook Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza at home?

Let's dive into the how-to of making Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza at the comfort of your kitchen.

How to cook Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza at home?

The joy of biting into a slice of Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave the house. To bake it at home, preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C). Gently place the pizza directly on the center oven rack. Let it bake for about 16 to 18 minutes or until the cheese is fully melted and the crust is golden brown. Don't forget, oven temperatures may vary, so always check your pizza halfway.

Can you order Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza online for home cooking?

Definitely! Buying the Kwik Trip Pizza online for home cooking is a breeze. Kwik Trip offers a convenient online purchase option, allowing you to order your favorite breakfast pizza without leaving your home.

Are there online resources for cooking Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza?

Absolutely! Resources online provide step-by-step cooking instructions for Kwik Trip Pizza. Websites like TikTok even offer fun-filled, easy-to-follow video recipes. All you need to do is follow along, play chef, and voila! An amazing homemade Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza awaits. Get that recipe here.

There you have it. With these simple steps, the savory, cheesy goodness of Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza is just a kitchen step away. Now go forth and create your pizza masterpiece!

What else does Kwik Trip's breakfast menu offer?

If you think Kwik Trip's breakfast scene is all about their mouth-watering breakfast pizza, you might want to think again. This is because, besides this classic selection, there are a variety of other fantastic options to kick start your morning with a smile.

What are the other items on Kwik Trip's breakfast menu?

From hearty burritos to scrumptious sandwiches, the Kwik Trip breakfast menu offers numerous appealing dishes. You'll find flaky croissants stacked up with cheese, eggs, and sausage. There's a taste for every palate. A colossal cheese mountain bagel, for instance, is a delight for cheese lovers. And how about a 3-patty sausage stacker sandwich? To add a tad more brevity, this abundance is not confined to just food – Kwik Trip also serves a great variety of beverages to wash it all down with ease!

What is the price range for items on Kwik Trip's breakfast menu?

Casting a glance over the prices, you'll discover that it's a steal deal! Kwik Trip's breakfast items range from 1 to 5 dollars, on average. This affordable pricing permits everyone to enjoy a filling breakfast without burning a hole in their pockets.

Are there any vegetarian or diet-specific options on Kwik Trip's breakfast menu?

Absolutely! Kwik Trip strongly values the diverse dietary needs of its patrons. Vegetarians can enjoy a cheese mountain bagel. Similarly, if you're mindful of your calorie intake, Kwik Trip's menu has got you covered with lighter options such as a fruit and yogurt parfait.

Indeed, Kwik Trip's breakfast menu extends beyond the iconic breakfast pizza. It embraces a myriad of delicious and reasonably priced dishes, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements. Such a splendid breakfast menu ensures there's something for everyone to savor!

In this post, we've explored the Kwik Trip Breakfast Pizza, its unique taste, cost, and even how to cook it at home. We also touched on other options from Kwik Trip's breakfast menu. This pizza stands out with its special sauce and ingredients, offering a unique breakfast option. It's cost-effective, and with the right instructions, you can enjoy it at home too. Remember, Kwik Trip's menu offers more, catering to different tastes and dietary needs. Enjoy exploring and happy breakfasting!