Craving a mouthwatering breakfast from Rosa's Cafe but unsure of their hours or what's on the menu? Fret not! We're about to unveil the secrets behind Rosa's breakfast, from their opening hours to their delectable menu choices. Whether you're a taco lover or a breakfast bowl enthusiast, there's something for everyone. So put on your morning maverick hat and let's dive into the world of Rosa's breakfast. Buckle up, it's going to be a delicious ride!


  • Rosa's Cafe serves breakfast from 3 AM to 10 AM but does not offer all-day breakfast.
  • The breakfast menu includes various options like Breakfast Tacos, Bowls, and Plates with various fillings and possible add-ons.
  • Rosa's Cafe is primarily a Texan chain with multiple locations across Texas, including seven in Lubbock and four in Odessa.
  • Food can be ordered via several delivery services or through online ordering directly from their website.
  • Nutritional content for each meal is available on their website, but generally, breakfast items range from 200-600 calories with varying levels of fat.
  • Reviews for Rosa's Cafe are overwhelmingly positive, praising the variety, flavor, and transparency of nutritional information.
  • Rosa's Cafe occasionally runs breakfast specials and there are rumors of a secret menu.

"Delicious breakfast options at Rosas Cafe, featuring Rosas breakfast items menu."

What are the Breakfast Hours for Rosas Cafe?

At Rosas Cafe, the day begins bright and early! You may ask, "What time does Rosas Cafe start serving breakfast?" Well, my friend, the answer is simple – from 3 AM! Yes, you read it right! Be it cravings or early starts, Rosas welcomes you in the wee hours of the morning.

Handing over the baton, "What time does Rosas Cafe end serving breakfast?" It serves breakfast entailing delicious treats until 10 AM. And if you are wondering – "Does Rosas Cafe serve breakfast all day?" Unfortunately, the answer is no. Rosas sticks to a traditional timing window for its breakfast hours.

These timely breakfast hours cater to nearly every appetite. Whether you are an early bird, a busy commuter, or a weekend brunch lover, you can always start your day with a hearty breakfast from Rosas.

Follow your stomach and time it right to enjoy the flavorful explosion of their amazing breakfast offerings. Remember, the early you are, the fresher the breakfast at Rosas Cafe. And for those who need an extra kick to start their day, the robust smell of brewing coffee welcomes you right from 3 AM!

For the most accurate breakfast hours, always check the official Rosas Cafe website. The transit of times keeps us all on our toes, doesn't it? Can't wait to see you there first thing in the morning!

What is on Rosas Cafe Breakfast Menu?

Ready to dive into Rosa's Cafe breakfast menu? Let's start!

What are the Breakfast Tacos Options?

From Bacon & Egg to Chorizo & Egg, Rosa's offers an array of tasty breakfast tacos. Or try out the Potato & Egg Taco if you're seeking a veggie-friendly option. And yes, these choices are as flavorful as they sound!

What are the Breakfast Bowls Available?

For something more hearty, Rosa's breakfast bowls are a must-try. With options like the Migas Bowl and Chorizo Bowl, it's an enticing start to any day. Not much of a meat eater? No problem! The Bacon & Egg Bowl is a heavy-hitter among vegetarians.

What are the Breakfast Plates Offered?

Rosa's also boasts a variety of breakfast plates. From the Ultimate Plate to the Migas Plate, your morning meal is covered no matter your taste buds. Fancy something extra? You can dress up your plate with add-ons like spicy potatoes, bacon, or shredded cheese!

Remember, Rosa's makes sure your breakfast doesn't lack in options or flavor. Whether you're a taco fan or a lover of hearty bowls, there's something for you at Rosa's Cafe. The next time you're pondering where to eat breakfast, remember Rosa's Cafe – because no one does breakfast better.

Now go have the breakfast you deserve at Rosa's Cafe!

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Where Can You Find Rosa's Cafe?

If you're asking "Is there a Rosa's Cafe near me?" then you're in luck! With over 50 locations across Texas, you're never too far from a delightful breakfast spread that's bound to start your day on the right note. Check out their website to find the nearest Rosa's Cafe to you.

Are There Rosa's Cafe Locations in Lubbock?

Boot up those cowboy boots because Lubbock houses not one, not two, but SEVEN Rosa's Cafe locations! Wide choices for you to hop in for their classic breakfast plates or fill up on their flavorful tacos.

Are There Rosa's Cafe Locations in Odessa, TX?

Yes, and hold your horses because there are four Rosa's Cafe locations scattered throughout Odessa, TX! Remember, the early bird gets the choicest picks, so saddle up and grab your breakfast pronto.

Are There Rosa's Cafe Locations in California?

Well, as things stand at the moment, Rosa's Cafe is Texas's pride and joy, with no locations outside the Lone Star State. But keep those fingers crossed. After all, good things (and breakfasts) come to those who wait!

How Can One Order from Rosa's Cafe?

At Rosa's Cafe, you have two easy ways to order your favorite dishes. One is though delivery and the other is through online ordering. Let's dive into these options a bit more.

What Are the Delivery Options for Rosa's Cafe?

Rosa's Cafe partners with several delivery services available in your local area. You can quickly check which ones they work with by visiting their website. It's easier than ever to enjoy a Bacon & Egg Taco or an Ultimate Plate without leaving your house. Just place your order and wait for your mouthwatering breakfast to make its way to you.

Can One Order Rosa's Cafe Online?

Indeed, you can! You don't have to step out of your comfort zone to delight in the flavors of Rosa's Cafe. Visit their website to easily place your order from their extensive breakfast menu. From Migas Plate to Sausage & Egg Taco, it's just a few clicks away. The 'rosa's cafe order online' feature is user-friendly and efficient.

The beauty of online ordering is that you can customize your plates. Do you want additional beans on your Ultimate Bowl? Or maybe extra shredded cheese on your Sausage & Egg Plate? You got it. Personalize your plate to your heart's content and satisfy your breakfast cravings with Rosa's Cafe.

Combine the ease of ordering from Rosa's Cafe with their delicious breakfast options, and you've got a recipe for an excellent start to your day. Now the hardest part will be deciding what to order!

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What is the Nutritional Content of Rosa's Cafe Breakfast Menu?

Let's dive into Rosa's Cafe nutritional information for breakfast.

What is the Calorie Content of the Breakfast Menu?

Starting off with calorie content, the breakfast tacos range. The Bacon & Egg Taco contains 248 calories, and the Sausage & Egg Taco has 270. Don't forget the Chorizo & Egg Taco, it has 212 calories. Next is the Potato & Egg Taco, landing at 240 calories.

Now, moving to breakfast plates. The Migas Plate might be your best pick, with 479 calories. If you want a bit more, the Ultimate Plate has 605. The Sausage & Egg Plate comes in at 435, while the Bacon & Egg Plate sits nicely at 413 calories.

What is the Fat Content of the Breakfast Menu?

Now, let's talk about fat. In the breakfast tacos, the Bacon & Egg's got 11g of fat. The Sausage & Egg Taco has 15g. The Chorizo & Egg Taco holds 10g, and the Potato & Egg Taco has 11g of total fat.

Breakfast plates have a bit more. The Migas Plate contains 23g of total fat, while the Ultimate Plate has 35g. The Sausage & Egg Plate and Bacon & Egg Plate both have 23g of fat.

There's much more to explore. Check out their nutrition facts for total fat, cholesterol, sodium, and protein. It's amazing! Knowing your food's nutritional content can truly help guide your choices. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make it count at Rosa’s Cafe!

What are the Reviews for Rosa's Breakfast?

Let's dive into what people are saying about Rosa's breakfast. We'll focus on Rosa's Cafe Lubbock and Rosa's Cafe Odessa TX.

What are the Reviews for Rosa's Breakfast in Lubbock?

Folks in Lubbock love Rosa's for breakfast! They rave about the breakfast tacos. Choices like bacon and egg, sausage and egg, or chorizo and egg have folks lining up. The nutrition details even list protein, fat, and calorie counts for every breakfast taco. People appreciate having this info right at their fingertips.

Not a taco fan? Don’t worry! The reviews show a lot of love for the breakfast plates and bowls too. Dishes like the Migas Plate and the Ultimate Bowl get called out for being hearty and satisfying. As per the provided nutrition data, each plate or bowl comes with full information about details such as calories, total fat, and protein.

What are the Reviews for Rosa's Breakfast in Odessa TX?

The breakfast reviews for Rosa's dining spot in Odessa echo the positive feedback heard in Lubbock. Folks are very pleased about the wide variety. From the Sausage and Egg Plate to the ultimate Bacon and Egg Bowl, there's something for everyone. Each dish comes with a nutrition breakdown. This helps customers keep track of what they’re eating.

Extras like beans, chorizo & beans, and all sorts of other extras are also well received. Who doesn't enjoy customization? Plus, you find info on the calories, fat, and sodium of each topping. What's not to love about that level of detail?

Happy diners mention the chance to sign up as a VIP member. And of course, they don't forget about the strong online presence Rosa's boasts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – you name it, Rosa's is there. Everyone agrees, from the food to the service, Rosa's breakfast is a real winner!

Rosa's Breakfast

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Are there Special Offers or Secret Menus at Rosa's Cafe?

Ever wondered if there are any hidden gems on the menu at Rosa's Café? Could there be a secret menu that loyal patrons whisper about? Let's dig deeper to find out!

Are There Rosa's Cafe Breakfast Specials?

Rosa's Café isn't just known for its standard breakfast menu. They dish out breakfast specials that change from time to time. This gives you a chance to try something new and exciting. You might be lucky enough to taste their migas plate, ultimate plate, or sausage and egg plate. Don't miss these specials, as they're known to be as tasty as their usual menus! The nutrition facts for each breakfast special are listed on the Rosa's Cafe website, so you can keep track of what you're eating. Remember, these specials may change, so be sure to check back often!

What is Rosa's Cafe Secret Menu?

If you thought Rosa's Café couldn’t get any better, hold onto your seat! Despite already offering a wide range of Mexican and American breakfast options, there's talk of a secret menu. This secret menu is rumored to have lip-smacking favorites that aren't listed on their conventional menu. Despite searching high and low, we could not find a confirmed secret menu for Rosa's Café. This isn't to say it doesn't exist – true secret menus are often passed along by word of mouth. So next time you're in Rosa's Café, why not strike up a conversation with a local or a staff member and discover the secrets for yourself!"

To wrap up, we've explored the breakfast hours and menu of Rosa's Cafe, the various locations and how to order. We've also delved into the nutritional content of their breakfast offerings and reviewed customer feedback. Remember, breakfast is an important meal, and Rosa's Cafe offers a variety of options to start your day right. Whether you're after their breakfast tacos, bowls, or plates, there's something for everyone. So, why not give Rosa's Cafe a try for your next breakfast adventure?