Are you craving a hearty breakfast but not sure what to pick from the Waffle House menu? We've got you covered! This simple guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Waffle House full breakfast menu. We'll explore the different dishes, their prices, and even how to order online. Plus, we'll tackle the nutritional facts for those who are health-conscious. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of delicious breakfast options!


  • Waffle House offers 24/7 breakfast service at most locations, with minor variations due to individual franchise policies.
  • Breakfast menu includes six types of scrambled eggs, an array of sandwiches and biscuits, and the popular Hashbrown bowls and plates, with the option of customizing many dishes.
  • Online ordering is available through the official website for either pickup or delivery. Phone orders are also accommodated.
  • Nutritional information for all dishes is available on the Waffle House website, assisting customers in making balanced dietary choices.

Image alt text: Explore the complete Waffle House full breakfast menu offerings.

What Time Does Waffle House Serve Breakfast?

You might ask, "Is breakfast served all day long at Waffle House?" The answer? Yes, indeed! Waffle House, with its 24-hour locations conveniently located near you, caters to your breakfast cravings around the clock.

"But what are the breakfast hours at different Waffle House locations?" you may wonder. While there could be minor variations based on the individual franchise's policies, a hallmark feature of Waffle House is its constant service. That's right—no matter where you are, most Waffle House locations diligently serve breakfast 24/7.

Their breakfast menu, priced reasonably, offers a delightful selection. From six types of scrambled eggs accompanied by your chosen sides, meats, and toast, to lighter and irresistibly fluffy omelets, there's something for everyone! For those in a rush, quick meals such as sandwiches and biscuits serve as superb picks. The fan-favorite, full-sized Hashbrown bowls and plates, are hard to say no to. Naturally, their namesake Waffles are a must-try, available in an array of delicious flavors.

Future visits to the Waffle House near you will no longer be dictated by the clock ticking on the wall but by your hunger bells ringing, as you now know you can enjoy their breakfast menu offerings anytime, any day! Remember, you can also order online from their official website for added convenience.

What's on the Waffle House Breakfast Menu?

Hearty breakfasts are a joy at Waffle House. Let's dive into the menu!

What are the different varieties of scrambled eggs?

There are six! Besides regular scrambled eggs, enjoy them with cheese. Or try any of these topping pairs: ham & cheese, onions & cheese, tomatoes & cheese, or jalapenos & cheese. Customizing them with sides and toast is also an option; your way is the Waffle House way!

What are the notable sandwiches and biscuits on the breakfast menu?

Two items to try are the Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich and the Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit. Equipped with generous fillings, these meals are perfect for a speedy morning feast. Oh, and how about adding a Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt for a larger appetite? Delish!

What are the fan favorites among the Hashbrown bowls and plates?

The Hashbrown bowls and plates are another hot ticket. The bowls are loaded with hearty ingredients atop crispy hashbrowns. Options vary from Steak & Eggs Bowl to Grilled Chicken Melt Bowl. Plates are full-sized portions with a variety of toppings – diced, peppered or topped, anyone?

Craving breakfast at any hour? Enjoy an all-day breakfast feast at Waffle House. Want to view the full menu with prices? You can find it right here. So next time you decide to start your day with a hearty meal, you know where to find the best breakfast menu. Eat up!

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How to Order Online from Waffle House?

Enjoying breakfast at Waffle House is made easy thanks to their online ordering system. Whether you want a fluffy omelet, savory hash brown bowl, or a stack of their famous waffles, here's how you can get your favorite breakfast meals from Waffle House at any time of the day.

How can I order breakfast from Waffle House online?

You can order breakfast from Waffle House online from their official website. Visit Waffle House's official website and click on the 'order online' button. Pick a nearby location and proceed to select your preferred breakfast items. You can then choose either pickup or delivery at checkout.

Can I order waffles for pick up or delivery?

Yes, Waffle House allows you to order waffles and any other menu item for both pick-up and delivery. Simply select your items, choose your pickup or delivery option, and then check out. It's simple, hassle-free, and lets you enjoy your breakfast whenever you want!

Can you order over the phone from Waffle House?

Indeed, Waffle House also accommodates phone orders. If you prefer to talk to someone while ordering, feel free to call your nearby Waffle House. This way, you can specify your order and arrange your pick-up or delivery directly.

You have now unraveled the secret to enjoying Waffle House breakfast in the comforts of your home! Whether you're eyeing a late-night waffle feast or a hearty first meal to kick off your day, Waffle House stands ready to deliver, round-the-clock.

What are the nutritional facts for Waffle House Breakfast Menu?

Let's look at the nutritional facts for the breakfast menu at Waffle House. Your belt-mournful waistline might ask this often: "What am I eating? How many calories? How many carbs?" Don't you fret – all that info is just a click away. You're about to get a clear view of the caloric and carbohydrate content for your favorite breakfast delights, thanks to the Waffle House nutritional guide.

What are the total nutritional facts for Waffle House breakfast meals?

A body needs fuel, and Waffle House has the breakfast grub to keep you going. From eggs to toast, the menu is chock-full of tasty and affordable options. All breakfast offerings strike a balance between your taste cravings and body battlefield. Yes, they contain calories, but they also contain a wealth of necessary nutrients.

How many calories does a Waffle House hash brown contain?

Lovers of Waffle House are often heart-eyed over the simply devine hash browns. Sizzling and crispy, nothing fires up the tastebuds more. In the intriguing piece of crispy potato goodness, there are about 170 calories. A far cry from a dietary demon! But remember, this is valuable info meant to be a guide, not a gluttony gateway.

What's the carb content for Waffle House breakfast menu?

Carbs – some swear by them, others swear at them. But the truth is, they're crucial for the body. Energy? Check. Improved digestion? Check. Nutrition balance? Check. The breakfast menu at Waffle House contains a varied array of carb counts. For instance, their famous waffle reigns in at around 25 grams, with the hash browns not far behind. A little carb content knowledge goes a long way towards maintaining a balanced diet. So, bon appetit!

In this post, we explored Waffle House's breakfast offerings. From their all-day breakfast service to their diverse menu, we've covered it all. We also delved into online ordering and nutritional facts. With this guide, you're set for a delicious, well-informed breakfast experience at Waffle House. Enjoy!