Ever wonder when Carl's Jr. stops serving breakfast? You're not alone. Busy mornings call for quick, tasty solutions, and Carl's Jr. has got you covered. With a menu that promises to kick-start your day, knowing their breakfast hours can be a game-changer for your morning routine. Let's dive into what time you need to beat the clock for that breakfast burrito fix.


  • Carl's Jr. serves breakfast until 10:30 AM daily, with options like biscuits, burritos, and the Breakfast Burger.
  • Breakfast combos include a main dish, hash browns, and coffee, ranging from 750 to 1920 calories.
  • The 2 for $5 deals offer budget-friendly breakfast choices like biscuits and burritos.
  • Nutritional information is available, with items varying in caloric content for different diets.
  • Breakfast hours and menu availability may vary by location; online or phone checks recommended.
  • Special deals, including breakfast options, are available but may vary; checking the Carl's Jr. deals page or in-store is advised.
  • Online ordering through the Carl's Jr. app simplifies breakfast purchases, with options for customization and local store breakfast hour information.

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What Are Carl's Jr. Breakfast Menu Options?

Carl's Jr. serves a wide variety of breakfast items. Their top picks include biscuits, sandwiches, and burritos. Customers highly favor their three types of biscuits: sausage, egg & cheese; bacon, egg & cheese; and the hefty monster biscuit.

Understanding Carl's Jr. Breakfast Combos

For those who love a hearty morning meal, Carl's Jr. offers around nine breakfast combos. Each combo includes a main dish, hash browns, and coffee. The caloric content of these meals ranges from 750 to 1920 calories, catering to different dietary needs.

Unique Breakfast Offerings: From Burritos to Burgers

If you crave something unique, Carl's Jr. won't disappoint. They offer a range of burritos like steak & egg and loaded breakfast. However, the standout is their breakfast burger. This burger is a combo of a charbroiled all-beef patty, egg, crispy bacon, American cheese, hash rounds, and ketchup, all packed in a seeded bun. For those interested in exploring the full breakfast menu, you can find more details here.

Carl's Jr. ensures that every breakfast item meets high taste standards while offering a variety to choose from. Whether you want something classic or a bit more daring, their menu has it all. Each offering is designed to kickstart your day with a satisfying meal.

When Does Carl's Jr. Stop Serving Breakfast?

Daily Breakfast Hours: Weekdays vs. Weekends

Carl's Jr. serves breakfast till 10:30 AM. This time is fixed for both weekdays and weekends. Check Carl's Jr. Breakfast Hours for changes that might happen by location.

Does Breakfast Availability Vary By Location?

Yes, breakfast times can change based on the store. Some places might open later or close earlier. It is wise to check online or call ahead to be sure.

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Are There Any Special Deals Available During Breakfast?

Highlighting Today's Specials and Ongoing Promotions

Carl's Jr.'s breakfast can be cheap and hearty. Their menu lists many special deals today. These offers help you save while you enjoy a tasty meal. One such deal might include their famous 2 for $5 option. This includes multiple breakfast items. It's smart to check their deals page or sign up for alerts. They often update the specials, ensuring you get the best while spending less.

2 for $5 Deals: Breakfast Edition

Expect to find various breakfast items in this deal at Carl's Jr. You can pick from biscuits, breakfast burgers, or burritos. These deals make eating out less costly. They help you manage your budget well. Each item fills you up, so it's good value for money. The 2 for $5 deals include items like the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit or the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. These deals provide a hearty start to your day without breaking the bank. Remember, promotions can vary, so it’s a good way to check online or ask in-store for today's options.

Can I Find Nutritional Information for Carl's Jr. Breakfast Menu?

You can find detailed nutrition facts for Carl's Jr. breakfast items right here. This link provides a comprehensive breakdown of calories, fats, proteins, and more for each breakfast dish.

A Guide to Calories and Nutrition in Breakfast Items

Carl's Jr. serves up varied breakfast options, each with specified nutritional content. A regular Breakfast Burger packs about 830 calories. This menu item consists of an egg, beef patty, cheese, and bacon. If you prefer lighter fare, the Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich might be a better pick with around 600 calories.

The exact numbers can vary, so it's smart to check the updated nutrition info before you order. Knowing calorie content helps you fit fast food into a balanced diet.

Making Healthier Choices: Tips for Dietary Restrictions

For those of you watching your intake or managing dietary constraints, customizable options are key. Carl's Jr. does provide some flexibility. For instance, ordering a sandwich without cheese or sauce reduces fat and calorie count significantly. Also, most locations will let you replace fried sides with a side salad.

Moreover, it's important to hydrate with water or a no-calorie drink instead of sugary beverages. Remember, a strategic approach to condiments and sides can transform a meal from a caloric overload to a more moderate, healthful choice.

While Carl's Jr. offers diverse breakfast options, it's beneficial to explore their nutritional details to make choices that align with your health needs and taste preferences. Full transparency in menu nutrition not only informs but also empowers you to enjoy your meal without dietary concerns.

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How To Locate a Carl’s Jr. Near Me?

Using the Carl’s Jr. Store Locator

Need to find Carl's Jr. near you fast? Use their official store locator. Just enter your zip code or city. It quickly lists all nearby locations. This tool lets you see each store's hours. It makes planning your breakfast or meal easy.

Features and Amenities: Drive-Thru and Dine-In Options

Most Carl's Jr. outlets have drive-thru and dine-in options. This makes grabbing your breakfast on the go simple, whether you need a quick bite or have time to sit and enjoy. You can savor their range of breakfast items, from rich, buttery biscuits to hearty burritos filled with steak and eggs.

Drive-thrus help when you're short on time. Going inside to dine? You'll enjoy a relaxing meal in a clean, comfortable setting. Whether you're starting your day or need a mid-morning boost, Carl's Jr. caters to both scenarios efficiently.

Remember, the accessibility of drive-thru and dine-in choices might vary by location, so check your local Carl's Jr. first. You can always look at the store locator to confirm available amenities at the Carl's Jr. closest to you. This handy feature takes the guesswork out of your meal plans.

Does Carl's Jr. Offer Breakfast All Day?

Understanding the Breakfast Menu Availability

Carl's Jr. serves breakfast until 10:30 AM. They start at 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM. This depends on the day and location. Check their breakfast menu for more.

You can choose from biscuits, burritos, and burgers early. Options include egg & cheese combinations on biscuits or filling breakfast burritos with steak. Their breakfast specialties also cover various tastes with options like the hearty Breakfast Burger. It combines a beef patty, egg, bacon, and more.

Despite the delicious start, Carl's Jr. does not serve breakfast all day. Their breakfast hours close typically before the lunch rush starts. So, plan your visit early if you crave a breakfast burrito or biscuit!

Alternatives for Late Morning Eaters

If you miss the 10:30 AM cutoff, Carl's Jr. still offers great options. Their regular menu has charbroiled burgers and more. These are available all day. You can enjoy a lunch item even if it’s still morning.

For fans of breakfast flavors later in the day, some locations might offer limited breakfast-like options. Check before you go.

Remember, breakfast time can vary, so it’s wise to verify with your local Carl's Jr, especially on Sundays or special days. This ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite morning meal. Get moving early to catch those tasty breakfast deals!

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How To Take Advantage of Online Ordering for Breakfast?

Ordering Breakfast On the Go: Using Carl’s Jr. Mobile App

Need Carl's Jr. breakfast fast? Use their app. It lets you order ahead, skipping lines. Perfect during busy mornings!

To start, download the Carl's Jr. app. Then, select "Breakfast" under the menu options. You can see all they offer: juicy burgers, tasty burritos, and hearty sandwiches. Pick what you fancy, add to your cart, and pay. You can even add your favorite hash browns and hot coffee to complete your meal!

The app is not just for ordering. It keeps you updated on Carl’s Jr breakfast hours near you. Most spots serve breakfast from 5:00 to 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM. Please check your local Carl's Jr. for exact times as they can vary.

Tips for Efficient Online Orders and Pickups

To make pickup easy, here’s what you should do:

  1. Choose the nearest Carl's Jr. to save travel time.
  2. Confirm the breakfast hours locally to avoid missed meals.
  3. Use the app to track your order. It tells you when it’s ready.
  4. Park in the designated spots for faster service.

I hope these tips help you enjoy a handy and tasty start to your day!

Carl's Jr. offers ease for everyone. Whether home, en route, or near their stores, you get your breakfast swiftly and simply. Their variety in choices makes mornings exciting whether you opt for a light bite or a full platter. Start using their app today and enjoy the simplicity of ordering breakfast right from your phone!

FAQs About Carl's Jr. Breakfast

What Time Does Carl's Jr. Start Serving Breakfast?

Carl's Jr. starts their breakfast at 5:00 AM every day. You can get all the classic hits from then until 10:30 AM. If you are thinking about grabbing a bite, make sure to get there before they switch to their lunch menu!

Details You Need to Know:
The morning menu features a variety of options including biscuits, sandwiches, and more. They serve biscuits in three flavors and fillings. You can choose from sausage, egg and cheese, bacon, egg and cheese, or the hefty monster biscuit. If you like a bit more, try the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with options like bacon or sausage.

There is also the Breakfast Burger. This is a meal in itself, with a beef patty, egg, bacon, cheese, hash rounds, and ketchup, all in a bun. For burrito lovers, Carl's Jr. offers a range with the Steak & Egg Burrito and several others being popular picks.

For those who track their intake, calorie content is clearly marked, ranging broadly from 750 to 1920 calories. The nine combo meals include the main item, hash browns, and coffee—perfect for a complete meal to start the day.

Keep in mind, timing could vary by location. So, it might be worth a quick check online or a phone call to confirm local timings, especially if you plan to visit near the opening or closing times of the breakfast service.

Can I Customize My Breakfast Combo Online?

Yes, Carl's Jr. offers customization for breakfast combos online, making it easy to get exactly what you crave in the morning. When you order, either through the official Carl's Jr. website or their mobile app, you can adjust your meal just the way you like it. Want extra cheese or no onions? No problem!

Are There Plant-Based Options Available for Breakfast?

While Carl's Jr. is known for its hearty breakfasts, they also cater to those preferring plant-based options. You can find items that suit a vegetarian diet, although strictly vegan options might be more limited. Always check the latest menu or ask the staff as options can update frequently.

We covered Carl's Jr. breakfast options, hours, deals, and nutrition. Remember, great mornings start with great food. Make the most of your breakfast!