Ever wondered about the cost of a Burger King breakfast? Seeking a morning meal that's both delicious and convenient? Your search ends here! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the Burger King breakfast menu prices, ensuring you start your day with a satisfying, wallet-friendly feast. We'll cover everything from breakfast burgers to burritos, and even delve into the breakfast hours. So, Morning Mavericks, let's dive into the world of Burger King breakfast and start our day the royal way!


  • Burger King serves breakfast from 6:00 am to 10:30 am, offering a range of burgers, burritos, sides, and beverages.
  • Popular items include sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches, bacon and egg croissants, breakfast burrito Jr., hash rounds, and French toast sticks.
  • Most individual breakfast items cost around $3 to $4, with combo meals priced around $5.
  • Special deals and discounts are available, details of which can be found on the BK App.
  • Nutritional content varies, with meals ranging from 300 to 830 calories.
  • Certain items cater to dietary needs like vegetarianism, with limited gluten-free options due to cross-contamination risks.
  • Almost all breakfast items are available online for delivery and take-out. Prices remain the same across dine-in, take-out, and delivery, barring any location-specific delivery charges.

Burger King breakfast menu prices - cost of breakfast meals at Burger King.

What is on the Burger King breakfast menu?

The array of options on the Burger King breakfast menu can make anyone's morning a bit brighter. Served from 6:00 am to 10:30 am, it includes a range of breakfast burgers and burritos alongside tasty sides and beverages.

Swap your cereal bowl with mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches like sausage, egg, and cheese, or bacon and egg croissants. These come paired with hash rounds and coffee, for the perfect start to your day.

What types of breakfast burritos are available?

If you're more of a wrap person, the breakfast burrito Jr. might just be your thing. Stuffed with eggs, cheese, and sausage, it's a meal-in-one and a breakfast favorite.

What are some good breakfast side options on the menu?

To round off your meal, you have sides like hash rounds and French toast sticks that are both delicious and enough to keep you fuelled until lunch. You won't find fries on the breakfast menu, but they're available later in the day.

Thirsty? Quench it with juices, shakes, coffee, iced tea, and other cold beverages. Or maybe kick start your day with a frothy pick from their line of frozen drinks.

And, although you won't find a breakfast dollar menu, Burger King offers exclusive digital discounts and other perks, so keep your eyes peeled for a tasty bargain.

How much does it cost to have breakfast at Burger King?

Knowing how much you'll spend at Burger King for breakfast is vital. The Burger King breakfast menu prices you spend will range based on what you order, but it's nice to know the ballpark figures for budgeting.

What are the prices for the different breakfast items?

From the breakfast sandwiches to burritos, the prices vary. Typically, a breakfast item, like a tasty Egg-n-Cheese Croissan'wich, will cost you around $3. The larger, more filling items, like the Double Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, could set you back about $4. So, prices fluctuate around this range, for individual items.

Are there combo deals available for breakfast?

Yes, there are! Burger King combo prices give you the chance to save some dollars. Usually, they provide a breakfast sandwich, hash browns, and your choice of drink. This deal usually costs around $5, making it both a delicious and affordable option.

Are there any special deals or discounts for breakfast?

Indeed, there are special deals and discounts! Check out the "BK App" for Burger King breakfast menu specials to get exclusive deals. Deals vary, so keep an eye on them! You might score a great deal like the 2 for $4 breakfast sandwiches offer – handy for when you've got a large appetite or need to grab a bite for a friend too!

In the end, the cost you incur for your breakfast at Burger King hinges on what you wish to devour, whether you're in for a combo or just an individual item, or if you're savvy enough to take advantage of one of their specials. Remember, good food doesn't necessarily have to break the bank!

Burger King breakfast menu prices displayed - timings specified by the image.

What time does Burger King serve breakfast, and for how long?

Ever wondered about Burger King breakfast hours? Under normal circumstances, they start serving breakfast at 6:00 am. Yes, a perfect time to grab that first meal if you are an early bird.

What are the general serving hours of breakfast at Burger King?

Burger King takes pride in its breakfast offerings, available until 10:30 am. That's right! You can enjoy a Burger King breakfast until mid-morning. So, if you wake up late, no need to worry. There's plenty of time to indulge.

Are these hours applicable to all locations and days of the week?

Good question! Yes, these hours tend to be the same in all locations throughout the week. So whether you're in New York or in Los Angeles, on a busy Monday, or a lazy Sunday, you can count on Burger King for your breakfast.

What breakfast options are available during these hours?

Your breakfast choices are vast. From sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich to bacon cheeseburger, you won't run out of options. For burrito lovers, the breakfast burrito Jr. is a must-try. Don't forget the drinks and sides! From coffee to shakes, hash rounds to French toast sticks, your morning can't get better! Remember, availability of the breakfast menu is till 10:30 am.

Keep in mind, though, Burger King does not offer an all-day breakfast. And they've also canned their breakfast dollar menu. But fret not, they've got you covered with digital exclusive discounts and perks. So, irrespective of the breakfast menu at different hours and days, there's always something to look forward to at Burger King!

When stepping into the domain of breakfast, Burger King doesn't shy away from the nutritional facts. Diving headfirst, let's explore how energizing the Burger King breakfast menu really is!

What are the calorie counts of different breakfast items?

The breakfast meals at Burger King vary in energy content. Their popular sausage, egg and cheese sandwich with hash rounds and coffee delivers approximately 830 calories. If you fancy the bacon, cheese and egg croissant sandwich with sides, you would consume about 720 calories. Next time you are tackling the breakfast menu, remember the energy count.

Are there any healthy choices available on the breakfast menu?

Healthy eating at Burger King is not a myth! If you are looking for a lighter option, opt for the egg and cheese Croissan'wich. With just 300 calories, it's a kinder choice to your waistline. As with any fast food joint, moderating sides and omitting sugary drinks contributes to a healthier meal.

Are there special dietary options (like vegetarian, gluten-free etc.) available?

Burger King's breakfast menu acknowledges diverse dietary needs. For the vegetarians, their Impossible Whopper is a great plant-based choice. However, gluten-free options are limited due to cross-contamination risks.

As you can see, Burger King's breakfast menu provides a varied range of energy content and caters to vegetarian diets. Remember to eat wisely and enjoy the flavors!

Looking for more detailed information? Check out this link for a deep dive into Burger King's breakfast nutritional information.

"Burger King breakfast menu prices: Nutritional value of morning meals."

Can You Order Burger King Breakfast Online for Delivery or Take-Out?

Indeed, most items on Burger King's breakfast menu are up for grabs online for delivery and take-out. The real question is, which ones can't you order?

What Items on the Breakfast Menu Can be Ordered for Delivery?

There's no shortage of belly-filling options on Burger King's breakfast menu for delivery. Craving something heavy? Go for a fill-the-gap meal like the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant, or a Bacon Cheeseburger. Enjoy a light bite? Then Breakfast Burrito Jr or French Toast Sticks would be your best bet. Remember, these arena't all. Visit Burger King's official website for a full overview of breakfast items available for delivery.

Can You Get Breakfast Items for Take-out?

Absolutely! Happen to be in a rush yet don't want to miss the most important meal of the day? Burger King got you covered. All the breakfast items you can order for delivery are also available for take-out. So, you can have your pick ready to go in no time.

Are the Prices the Same for Delivery, Take-out, and Dine-in?

The cost for individual items on the Burger King breakfast menu remains the same whether you choose to dine-in, take-out, or opt for delivery. However, do note that delivery charges may apply based on your location. Checking the total cost before finalizing your order is a good practice to avoid any surprises at the door. So, with the convenience, variety, and affordability, why not switch things up tomorrow morning and grab a Burger King breakfast?

From the vast array of items on Burger King's breakfast menu to its cost-effective deals, there's a lot to savor. You now know when to catch their breakfast hours and how to find nutritious options. Whether you're dining in, taking out, or ordering delivery, you're all set for a royal breakfast experience. Enjoy!